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10 running route & race resources

Hello! Check out those skies.1215140643Yesterday Nashville was a city in the clouds. I met up with my friend Katie for the foggiest run I’ve ever been on. We could barely see where we were going!1215140642We ran around East Nashville and chatted the whole way. Five miles were up before I knew it! That’s the best thing about running buddies.1215140645In other news: Because the Internet doesn’t have enough lists, I decided to make another one. When we were planning a route to run in New Orleans, I realized that my brain now has a mini-library of running resources. If you’re looking to do some race or route research on the interwebs, here’s a list of ten running race and route finders!

  1. Marathonguide.com race finder
  2. Runner’s World race finder
  3. Halfmarathons.net race finder
  4. DC folks: RunWashington’s race calendar
  5. Nashvillians: Nashville Striders’ race calendar
  6. USATF route finder
  7. MapMyRun route finder
  8. Running in the USA race finder (owner’s story is featured in Zelle today!)
  9. Cool Running’s race finder (and I love their pace calculator)
  10. Bonus: and general mayhem of LetsRun forums.

Moving right along to enchiladas._DSC0015I’ve been cooking for Anthony and his family (if you missed the memo, they’re staying with us for the holidays!) and nothing makes everyone happier than Mexican food.

The trick: Put all ingredients from Skinnytaste’s enchilada recipe in a slow cooker, and forget about it for 10 hours. Then roll everything in tortillas, drench them in sauce, and bake for 20 minutes. Boom!_DSC0019I might be back later with a loaf of bread. Have a great day!

  • Running resources to add to the list?
  • Enchiladas: red, green, or white?
  • Is your running wardrobe colorful or neutral?

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