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usual run, usual soup

Hello! It’s another wintery day.1217140652Anthony and I met up with East Nasty today for their usual Wednesday jog. The group gets smaller during the cold, dark mornings of this season — but the few of us who continue to meet are a dedicated bunch of crazies. :)

Here’s what happens when you try to sprint up a hill in the dark and try to take a photo with a single mitten-ed hand.1217140631cI did stop to take a shot of these nice Christmas lights, though! East Nashville is decked out in holiday decor.1217140649After I ran 3.5 with the group, my friend Katie and I tacked on 2.5 more together. Good run, good company!1217140647aMoving right along to good food.

On the lunch menu this cold and dreary week: hot soup!broccoli_bean_soup_DSC0023Last year I fell in love with a Whole Living broccoli soup recipe (I made it here and here!) and I suddenly wanted to make it again. I thought of the soup while I was at the grocery store, so didn’t have time to look up the recipe — so I ended up winging it and using this Real Simple recipe for inspiration. broccoli_bean_soup_DSC0027Seems like the two broccoli soup recipes are pretty much the same, except that Real Simple throws in a couple potatoes for added creaminess. I took Real Simple’s recipe and tossed in two freestyle additions: beans and bacon :).broccoli_bean_soup_DSC0026So easy. So good. So healthy, depending on how tall you build your tower of bacon. And so cheap.broccoli_bean_soup_DSC0021And the green, white, and red colors remind me of Christmas. It’s so close!!

  • Do you read Real Simple or Whole Living? Or any other magazines?
  • Favorite type of bean?
  • Holiday lights: White or multi-colored?

4 thoughts on “usual run, usual soup

  1. I LOVE Real Simple! I steal my mom’s magazines whenever I can. I use their website all the time for recipe ideas.

    Growing up we always had multi-colored lights on the house and tree, but now all my stuff is white lights! Funny how that works.

  2. Real Simple is awesome! I’ve always wanted to subscribe to the magazine! I just go on the website instead though 😛

    Favorite bean: chickpeas and black eyed peas
    Lights: Depends…..on the tree we always had colored until a few years ago and now we use white. But I still like colored!