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a toast to my north/south readership

Hello there! Where in the world are YOU at this very moment?!

I was cruising through Google Analytics the other day, and did a little comparison to see how minutes per mile’s audience has changed since we moved from DC to Nashville. Looks like northern readership has dropped, but southern readership is up by about 387%. Ha!



It’s fun to dig into the data behind this blog. But it’s more fun to just write it and listen to you guys comment. Whether you’re from the north or south (or somewhere else!), thank you for reading and sharing :)

Heading even farther South: my friend Katherine is in town, visiting from New Orleans! 1217142058Instead of hitting all the touristy spots downtown, we ventured across the river to east side. The Pharmacy was just as delicious as it was last time I was there. I got the chickpea burger and about a hundred pounds of french fries. 1217141904Some people might say The Pharmacy is dangerous because it’s located on McFerrin Ave. I say it’s dangerous because it’s located within walking distance of Holland House.

Which is where we ended up.holland_house_nashville_DSC0033So many cocktails to choose from! I went with “The Lady Vanishes” because its name made me feel mysterious and because it involved a really strange flavor combination (pear, cinnamon, and lime?). Somehow, it worked!holland_house_nashville_DSC0034And after all of that excitement, here’s a boring treadmill photo for ya. It was dark, cold, and raining this morning, so I took it to the treadmill.1218140656BUT instead of my usual Shakira playlist, today I ventured out and listened to NPR’s Serial. I’d heard from my friend Chelsea that it was really good. And she (and everyone else) was right!

  • Podcasts/audio books while running: yay or nay?
  • To my fellow bloggers: do you use Google Analytics? Jetpack? Both?
  • Tell me where you’re reading this from, right this second!!

14 thoughts on “a toast to my north/south readership

  1. The Pharmacy – Holland House 1-2 punch is a dangerously wonderful combo!

    I often listen to podcasts and audiobooks for long runs and recovery runs when I’m not looking for something like music to help keep me motivated to pick up the pace.

    • haha, i’m the opposite! i usually hate audiobooks/podcasts — i prefer music over them. but really, i usually run in silence unless on a treadmill.

  2. So glad you like Serial!!! The final episode is out today and I’m dreading listening to it because then I know the season will be over :(

    Also I usually read from Arlington (obviously) but sometimes I check in from Silver Spring where my work is!! Who says you can’t read blogs during your lunch break….haha!

    • thanks for the recommendation! that’s right, blogs are a perfect lunchtime read. unless it’s food blogs with gorgeous delicious photos that make you sadder about your sad desk lunch.

  3. Ah! I’ve been following your blog for a bit now (thanks for the inspiration) and I wanted to say great minds! I’ve been running to Serial for about a week now and it’s fantastic! I’m going to need to find something to fill the void when it’s over!

    • thanks for reading! :) I haven’t tried listening to it while running outdoors, but curious to see whether i can keep my focus outside while listening to it, too. it’s so good!