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five favorites of late

Morning! It’s another grey day, but it’s allllmost the weekend!1219140711We totally overslept this morning and it was awesome. The downside was that my usual run was more of a sprint because I was so short on time!1219140715Three super-fast miles, done and done!

I thought it would be fun to do a “favorites” post today. Here are some things I’ve been loving of late!

1. Mizuno Wave Hitogamis.mizuno_hitogami_womens_1205140652_I bought these using Mizuno’s cool “shoe finder” which can help you switch over to Mizuno from another brand. The Hitogamis have been a nice, but not major, change from my PureConnects. I’m loving them so far! They’re slightly wider, straighter, and lighter than the PureConnect, at about the same price. I’m not sure whether I’ll go back to Brooks or not after I finish this pair. It’ll probably come down to which brand has cuter colors…. :)

2. Quiche!!spinach_quiche_DSC0005Since we’re hosting Anthony’s family at our house right now, I’ve been focusing on foods that are easy to make in large batches :). My massive quiche recipe came to the rescue last night. And we even have leftovers! I like pairing it with a bowl of tomato soup and fresh-baked bread.

3. Flygrip’s one-handed phone holder.flygrip_phone_holder_DSC0044Since I got a new phone, I’ve been on the hunt for something that will help me hold tight to it while I run. There are hundreds of sleeves and belts to choose from, but hardly any handheld options. When I spotted Flygrip on The Grommet, I knew it was a winner! It’s perfect for helping me keep a good grip on and take one-handed photos with my Samsung LG G3.

4. Athleta’s Verbier Jacket._DSC0041I bought this jacket right before the Richmond Marathon, and ended up wearing it for the first time on race day. It was a perfect fit! I love that it is zip-style (meaning you don’t have to pull it over your head) and even has zipper pockets. Plus, it’s got the necessary over-the-thumb sleeve.

5. External hard drive._DSC0049To my other bloggers: How do you back up all your stuff?! After struggling with cloud-based storage (or just no storage at all), I finally bit the bullet and got an external hard drive. It’s been a huge help in allowing me to organize and store the 1,000,000,000 photos I’ve accrued over the past three years of blogging.

And that’s it, guys! Have a great weekend!

  • Tell me one thing you’ve been loving lately!
  • Bloggers: How do you back up your photos/content?
  • Do you run with a phone? Why/why not?

3 thoughts on “five favorites of late

  1. I use to NEVER run with a phone because I hated carrying it. Then the man friend came into the picture and he insisted for safety reasons. Now I just always have it for that and for blog photos :) I use a spibelt to carry it, which made me feel so ridiculous, but you get used to it.