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Hi! I can’t come up with a creative title for this post, because how can one sum up a run, Hanukkah, and a giant fish tank?

So here goes. How was your weekend? Ours kicked off with a super-early Saturday run.1220140644aAnthony and I teamed up for 7.5 miles. We both wanted to sleep in, but rallied each other to get up and get moving before a busy day began.1220140712Shelby Park lake = one of my favorite Nashville running spots. Unfortunately you have to climb up a steep hill when you’re done running around it, but it’s worth it!1220140653I felt sorta meh during the whole run, but when I looked down at my watch I saw that Anthony and I were actually running pretty fast. Must have been the 10 pounds of kugel we ate the night before._DSC0051Our friends Tracee and Tony had us over for a Hanukkah feast!_DSC0050They made kugel, meatballs, brisket, and a bunch of other Jewish specialties. It was awesome — these two are super good cooks!_DSC0053The grand finale: a challah bread pudding. I really like Hanukkah._DSC0058Team photo, minus the picture-taker:_DSC0055Moving right along to exotic fish…_DSC0067On Saturday, we went on a marine biology tour of The Aquarium restaurant in Opry Mills. It’s a restaurant surrounded by thousands of gallons of saltwater and rare species of fish, no big deal.

Our guide, a marine biologist who works at The Aquarium, took us on a tour of the whole restaurant. My favorite fish were the schools of “look down fish” who I later learned were the least intelligent fish in the whole tank. :)_DSC0082After learning about the fish from outside the tank, we got to go behind the scenes and help feed them._DSC0105Then we tested the ammonia and nitrate levels of the water. Yay, science._DSC0099I was considering swapping in my degree in creative writing for one in biology at this point. But then we dissected the eyeballs of dead squids and I decided that biology might not be for me after all._DSC0102The end. Hope you had a good weekend!!

  • What did you study in college?
  • Locals: Where is your favorite spot to run in Nashville?
  • Tips for making challah bread?! It’s next on my list…

10 thoughts on “untitled weekend things

  1. Thanks for sharing Hanukkah with us. We are still eating left overs. And, so envious of your experience at The Aquarium. I love marine biology. Maybe next time we hang we can direct an eye?

    • yes, eye dissection is top on my list of cool things to do. you guys should do the tour, maybe when hayden is a little older! it was super fun, even for adults :) thanks for having us over!!

  2. I’m really wondering why you, a childfree couple, had to do a super-early Saturday run? What would had happen if you had run a bit later?