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carbtastic chronicles 12: pecan-craisin bread

How about a big slice of toast for breakfast?cranberry_pecan_bread__DSC0059That’s what we’ve been having lately. This pecan-craisin bread is a winner!!cranberry_pecan_bread_DSC0047I took a typical whole wheat bread recipe and amped it up with some nuts and dried fruit. The inspiration for this loaf was Publix’s delicious cranberry walnut bread.cranberry_pecan_bread__DSC0052I actually just Googled Publix’s bread and see that they are generous enough to put their exact recipe on their site! Must try that next time. I see that they add fun things like apple cider and rye flour to their concoction — what a good idea.cranberry_pecan_bread__DSC0055I still think mine turned out pretty darn well.cranberry_pecan_bread__DSC0062And that’s it for today. Have a good one!

  • Favorite thing from Publix?
  • Breakfast: Sweet or savory?
  • Tell me about your run today!

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