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here are all the photos from my phone

It’s Christmas Eve! I have a bunch of random stuff to catch up on, like showing you the biggest bowl of mashed potatoes I’ve ever made.1221141036
They were used to make two pans of shepard’s pie! We hosted my parents over the other night for a big family dinner._DSC0118On the side, I made a beet-pistachio-goat cheese salad with a simple olive oil/balsamic dressing._DSC0110My nephew, creepin’._DSC0120 I’ve never made shepard’s pie, but will definitely make it again! It was pretty easy and made a TON of food — perfect for a big dinner party._DSC0122Other random photos found on my phone this week include…1221141639cThe other night we took a “walk” to the park down the road. I practiced my stroller running for my future Mother Runner days.

And Anthony and my nephews practiced their pull-ups.1221141654Moving right along to the delicious all-in-one breakfast, lunch, and dinner I had yesterday:1223141232a
Unfortunately a stomach  bug seems to have seized my household, because we’re all getting sick! Everyone seems to feel a bit better today, so I’m hoping it’s just a 24-hour thing.

Let’s finish with cookies and eggnog, in spirit of the season!12231419221223141955Our neighbors hosted a holiday cookie swap. I made my go-to chocolate chip cookies, which taste even more amazing when dipped in eggnog.

Have a merry Christmas!

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  1. I was never a fan of the jogger stroller. I bought one on Craigslist but luckily only paid a little for it. I’m to lazy to run AND push a stroller lol. :) I envy the moms that do it and still beat my half marathon time. Shepard pie…I’ll have to try making that. Merry Christmas!!