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merry christmas!

Merry Christmas!!_DSC0193My niece handpicked this wine glass just for me. “Tia and Tio like drinking wine!” is what she apparently said in the store when she chose it :)

She was right. We’ve been doing lots of wine-drinking, eating, and celebrating. Here’s an epic recap:

Christmas eve was cold and rainy. Perfect night to make a big batch of pumpkin-squash soup and sit around the table._DSC0130Served with a loaf of hot and extremely deformed bread. This one hit the top of the bread machine lid, and then sunk down with moisture buildup! Definitely not worthy for the carbtastic chronicles. Ha!!_DSC0124But they do all turn out worthy for eating. This sunken loaf was perfect for hanging on the edge of a soup bowl :)_DSC0133After dinner, we put out carrots for the reindeer, and cookies for Santa._DSC0135Surprise, surprise… he came! We spent the morning opening gifts with Anthony’s family at our house and then I cooked up two griddle-fulls of French toast. Anthony’s family is from Australia, where French toast is quite a delicacy and apparently Texas Toast doesn’t exist. I can’t believe it._DSC0148While I made the toast, Anthony handled the eggs and BACON! With one of my gifts to him — a handmade maple wood bacon press. I found it on SheSawIt’s Etsy page, if you’re interested!_DSC0145And just like I know Anthony’s love for bacon, he knows my love for bread. He got me a covered stone bread pan that I can’t wait to try!! _DSC0137After all the gifts were opened and all the children were exhausted, Anthony and I snuck out for a Christmas day run. I was finally feeling better after a few days of a queasy stomach, and more than ready to lace up the old sneaks.1225141217Plus, it was a gorgeous day out.1225141150We covered eight miles on traffic-less streets.

Also, I need a tan.1225141216aBut no time for tanning. Because soon the sun set and we were on our way to my sister’s house for Christmas Round II. Here she is with my mom and my newest nephew! I’m starting to lose count of all the kiddos._DSC0206She teamed up with my mom to make a feast for all:_DSC0186I brought the salad! I thought the pomegranates and pears in this recipe sounded quite Christmas-y.  _DSC0174Ever wonder how I manage to take so.many.photos.every.single.day?? It’s in my DNA, actually. Introducing my dad, a picture-taking maniac since 1984._DSC0163We opened even more gifts, including a batch of white elephant presents for the adults! I wound up with a $20 Chipotle gift card which I might use if/when we ever manage to finish all the leftovers we’ve created in the past week :)_DSC0160Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goofy-faced night!_DSC0200

  • Tell me your favorite thing you got for Christmas!
  • Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten in a salad?
  • Favorite Etsy shop?!