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another mile + another year

Hello! I hope you’ve been enjoying your holiday break. We’ve been spending a lot of time with our families — with a few breaks for some solo runs.1226140850-001Yesterday I headed out for about an hour-long jog. I went Garmin-less and music-less just to soak up the silence and fresh air. My legs felt pretty heavy for the first few miles, but then the sunshine sunk in and I found my groove.1226140906I’m guessing I covered 6-7 miles? Plus at least another extra mile later — walk/jogging around and around (and around, again!) the Nashville Science Center._DSC0221-001We took our two nephews there for a few hours of kid-crazy sensory overload. So many buttons, levers, toys, and lights!! Anthony hung out with our older nephew while I ran around with the younger dude :)_DSC0217The kids had a blast and so did we! I hadn’t been to the science center since I was about 12. Time flies.

Speaking of growing up — yesterday my niece turned 4! My sister threw a big party for the fam._DSC0027Everything was pink, purple, and sparkly. and Frozen!!_DSC0024A Ninja Turtle appeared to help open gifts._DSC0026And then a pizza man appeared to help feed the crew._DSC0031When was the last time you had Pizza Hut? We usually go Papa John’s or Dominos, but were impressed with PH’s pies._DSC0041The birthday girl put on her princess dress (tags, too!) plus sparkly accessories. And with a wave of her magic wand…_DSC0039a Frozen birthday cake appeared!! Happy birthday!_DSC0048

  • Favorite Disney movie?
  • Locals: Best thing for kids to do in Nashville?
  • Do you always run with your Garmin? Do you ever take breaks?

3 thoughts on “another mile + another year

  1. I always run with my Garmin because I’m a little OCD – even though I’m not always “using” it when I run, I like to know the distance, pace, stats, etc. for when I look back later (how has my progress been? what happened in the lead-up to an injury or an awesome race? etc)

    Favorite Disney movie? Easy – The Little Mermaid. I’m pretty sure my mom wanted to send me under the sea after being forced to listen to the soundtrack 500+ times during the summer of 1991… haha

  2. Aw, they are adorable! My favorite Disney movie will probably always be the Lion King, but I am a huge Frozen fan. Taking notes on the Frozen-themed party for my 25th birthday…