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lots of family, lots of food, and a little running.

Good morning, grey skies!1229140643It’s sort of blah out there, but I’m going to try and make the best of it. I met up with my friend Katie for our almost-weekly Monday run. It’s good to have a buddy to hold you accountable — especially on a drizzly morning when all you want to do is sleep in :)1229140648aWe covered six miles together before parting ways. At the end of my journey, I discovered a new East Nashville gem:1229140643aYou can find this crazy head painting outside The Wild Cow on Eastland Ave.

And that’s it for today, so far. How was the rest of your weekend? Ours was filled with the regulars of late: lots of family, lots of food, and a little running. Starting with Saturday’s spread of cheesy enchiladas in cheesy cheese sauce. YOLO._DSC0070My mom made her go-to recipe and it was a hit among all eight people at the table! Win.

On the side, I made a Mexican-inspired salad with crunchy romaine, radishes, tomato, and avocado.avocado_radish_tomato_salad_DSC0064I drizzled it with lemon and olive oil and added a generous shake of Tajin. My parents just got back from a trip to Mexico and said that this seasoning is used on everything there. It’s delicioso!tajin_seasoning_DSC0065Anthony holds the very important title of Cocktail Master Maker in our family. He takes it pretty seriously…_DSC0061and I hold the title of Crazy Runner, which I also don’t joke around with.1227141008On Saturday morning, Anthony and I got outside for a run along the trails of my parents’ lake house. This was our first time to try this route in the winter, so it was super weird to see the trees looking so naked!1227141027Here’s what the trail looked like this past July, for comparison:IMG_3742Another new-to-me sight: this Run TN shirt! A coworker got it for me as a Christmas gift and I’m super excited to add it to my running shirt collection (which is quite overloaded with DC/VA running shirts at the moment). You can find it at Fleet Feet Nashville! *Note: Attractive man pictured with shirt is not for sale.1227141026And that’s all I’ve got. Have a great day!

  • Which is prettier: wintery trees or summery trees? I’m starting to dig the whole bare bone, spindly December thing.
  • Locals: Favorite running store?
  • Do you have a “title” in your family?

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