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a run, a “swim,” and a random customer care rant

Six miles to start the day.1230140642My heart breaks a little when I see all the Christmas trees piling up in the alleys. Ours is still standing tall, at least until the new year!1230140647I was out there with my friend Lizzie this morning. She’s a speedster and kept the pace nice and fast. Even though I was a bit short of breath, we had a lovely chat as the sun rose.1230140648Peace.1230140646One more cool thing from our long weekend: a trip to Chattanooga! I hadn’t been there since Anthony and I ran across this bridge (and more!) during the Four Bridges Half Marathon a few months ago_DSC0104This trip wasn’t for a run, though — it was for an underwater swim! (not really)

We visited the 400,000-gallon tanks of the Tennessee Aquarium. So many cool fish and a few freaky sharks._DSC0122Our nephews and niece loved it — and I’m counting my seven sprints up and down the exhibit levels as a second workout! My favorite part of the experience was the freshwater tank full of crazy creatures from the Tennessee River.

Anthony’s fam, minus his mom who stayed back to make cookies with my mom :) . Notice that sign in the top left corner about not lifting children?_DSC0095We clearly didn’t._DSC0094And what better way to end a post than with a big slice of cake. A stop at the famous City Cafe was in order! This diner has the biggest slices of cake you’ll ever see.city_cafe_chattanooga_DSC0078And on a random note, Southwest Airlines’ customer care line has the longest wait time you’ll ever experience. I’ve been listening to elevator music the whole time I wrote this post and am still on hold after 40 minutes. Let’s see if I can break ONE HOUR!

  • Worst company for call-in customer service? (Comcast is still my least favorite, but Southwest is getting close!)
  • If you had to eat an ENTIRE cake, what type of cake would you eat? (Like the scene in Matilda)
  • When’s the right time for taking down Christmas decorations?

10 thoughts on “a run, a “swim,” and a random customer care rant

  1. Comcast is the worst by far and they are in a category of horrible all their own, even a company with NO CUSTOMER SERVICE would deserve a higher rating than Comcast. At least with that company YOU KNOW going in there is nobody who knows anything or who can or will actually help you get something done or fixed.

    German chocolate cake with coconut butter frosting.

    During the super bowl is a good time to take it down.

  2. Charter is the worst! I’ve had several Internet outages, and Charter’s customer service line just gave me a busy signal every time I called. My family always waited until New Year’s Day to take down Christmas decorations. Taking them down earlier just feels too abrupt.

  3. I don’t have a bad customer service story to tell.

    German Chocolate cake with gooey coconut frosting.

    I take down my Christmas decorations of 12th night (Jan 6).

  4. I’ve been meaning to call Comcast for months to cancel my cable but haven’t worked up the patience yet.

    that cake is beautiful! If I had to eat a whole cake, it would probably be funfetti with raspberry filling. (hah that matilda scene is brutal)

  5. That cake looks beautiful. I’d probably have to go for funfetti too, but just with LOTS of frosting. Like double frosting to cake ratio. If not triple. :) Happy New Year!!!!