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run. pasta. run.

Happy new year! Yesterday Anthony and I kicked off 2015 with a run.0101151014bWe were at my parents’ house in Winchester, Tennessee and headed to our usual trail for six easy miles. Five for 2015, and one for good luck :)0101151006Let’s hope that the rest of this year’s ponytails are smoother than yesterday’s…0101151010aAnd let’s also hope that all the gloves I ever wear for the rest of my life are camo-colored.0101151006cGood run! We ran extra fast so that we could get home and meet the newest member of our family: a Phillips pasta maker!phillips_pasta__maker_DSC0177This thing is pretty much the coolest kitchen gadget ever. It makes fresh pasta in under 20 minutes. We might have to move in with my parents so that we can noodles all day for the rest of our living lives. #ApplianceEnvyphillips_pasta__maker_DSC0176So beautiful! We sauce-ed our linguine with olive oil and roasted garlic.phillips_pasta__maker_DSC0188And topped it with !!cheese!! + easy fried egg for added protein._DSC0192On the side: a monster salad.hearts_of_palm_salad_DSC0179I mixed greens, peppers, carrots, radishes, tomato, avocado, and pine nuts in a bowl for everyone — and then added the star feature: hearts of palm! One of the funkiest salad add-ins I’ve had in a while (Jessie, this is for you!)hearts_of_palm_salad_DSC0183I could stop here, but I want to take a step back to share one of the prettiest sunrises I’ve seen in months.1231140651aOn Wednesday, I had planned to go to our gym for some cross-training… but when I arrived, it was closed for New Year’s Eve. So I ran straight out of the parking lot (in 28 degrees!) and headed downtown.1231140645After the clouds cleared, the most gorgeous sun came out to say goodbye to 2014.1231140651bAt one point I stopped and chatted to this guy walking his dog about how pretty the sky was. He was snapping photos with his camera, too! It was like a secret surprise for all the Nashville early birds. I’m so glad our gym was closed!1231140649When I arrive downtown, I saw the chaos of construction for the NYE concert. Did any of you catch Music City on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years show?1231140655One last sunny shot:1231140707And now it’s time to get back out there and catch the sunrise again. Have a great day!

  • Did you celebrate NYE outside? Was it freezing?
  • Do you own any camo gear?!
  • Current early birds: advice on how to wake up early for want-to-be-early birds?

22 thoughts on “run. pasta. run.

  1. We celebrated the new year inside with a fire in the fireplace:)
    No camo
    I’m definitely an early bird. I’m asleep by 10:30 so I can wake up early. I also lay my clothes out the night before. And, I have the accountability of 6am run friends!

  2. That salad looks amazing!!! For early birdness, I always have everything packed (lunch, work clothes) or set out for the next day.. It really helps. Also when it’s cold out, turning on the space heater before I even get out of bed so it’s not as bad getting dressed to workout! Then, COFFEE :)

  3. Spent NYE in with friends; it was pretty chilly in D.C. during the evening, so I felt good about staying in where it was warm and being with some of my favorite people.

  4. My husband and I went to a friends house for a game night on NYE, left around 10:30 and was in bed at 12:01. For those that want to get up early but aren’t early birds, I usually get everything ready the day before so when I get up I don’t actually have to think about anything and can get out the door quickly.

  5. Wow, that sunset is so beautiful! It looks like rainbow lava
    One of my favorite early bird tricks is letting myself run the first mile as slow as humanly possible, to ease into the run (sometimes just thinking about a hard workout is enough to want to push it back, ha)

    • haha, it’s from an athletic store — it’s Nike! a couple years old so not sure whether they still make it or not

  6. Gorgeous sky! The closest thing I have to camo are some under armor running pants I just bought. They’re black with grey splotches. No big NYE celebrations here. Out like a light by 10:30 because I am an early bird. Getting everything ready the night before (running clothes, setting the coffee pot to be brewed by time I wake up, etc.) works wonders so I’m not scurrying around..

  7. Was up at work wed morning and caught a glimpse of that sky out the window. So gorgeous!! My hubs was out hunting so he got to enjoy also!!