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weirdly warm winter run + NYE recap

Hey there! How’s your weekend going? I’m just popping in to say hello and share some pretty winter sights.0103151039Looks like winter, but feels like spring! Yesterday’s run was completed in SHORTS.0103151135I headed downtown and tried to beat the rain.0103151032By mile four the skies were looking pretty grey. 0103151043And at mile 4.5 I ran into some major construction! FYI Demonbreun & 12th is completely shut off. I had to take a detour…0103151053that took me straight through the parking lot of Deja Vu Showgirls. Great.0103151053aTurnaround point!0103151050At mile eight the skies finally broke and it downpoured. I had to steal a newspaper sleeve to keep my phone dry. Sorry to the person who had to read soggy news yesterday…0103151119And then I made it home! Ten miles done and I felt really good, despite being a bit waterlogged :)

I realized I never really shared New Year’s photos with you guys. So here we go!_DSC0160We kicked it at my parents’ lake house for NYE with my fam. Here are just a few shots of our wild night of partying…

Kids._DSC0156_DSC0168Wine._DSC0157BBQ._DSC0162Toys._DSC0173And a really pretty sunset._DSC0153Speaking of skies, it’s somehow supposed to snow today?! Fingers crossed!

  • Has it snowed in your town yet?
  • Favorite childhood toy?
  • Tell me about your last run!

8 thoughts on “weirdly warm winter run + NYE recap

  1. I should have headed out earlier yesterday like you!! I only made it 3 miles before the rain and wind picked up and I high-tailed it home!

  2. We finally got our first snowfall over the last two days! (But now our roads are awful because the county didn’t bother salting….) That’s funny about having to run by Deja Vu. Once I was on vacation and had to turn around so I just went into the first parking lot I saw without paying attention, until my friend asked why I had turned into a strip club!

  3. Kicked off half marathon training in D.C. yesterday for the Rock N’ Roll race in March. Nothing like a nice long run in cold and rain to make you wonder which is worse: D.C. summer running or winter.

  4. No snow in Brisbane unfortunately! I’d love to be somewhere cold & snowy right now, just for a visit.