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kung pao run, kung pao chicken

Sun’s up!0105150639aBut it was actually pretty dark when I left home this morning. And COLD! I might have run in shorts on Saturday, but a 22-degree start to today meant that full winter gear was in order. FYI here are my winter running tips, and here is my winter weather apparel chart!0105150627aI did a five-mile run with some speedy sprints thrown in every half mile. It’s been some time since I’ve picked up the pace and I’m excited about getting back into training mode over the next couple months.0105150638aAnd here’s some Kung Pao chicken and fried rice (re-published here)!_DSC0221The other night we decided to go Asian style. I got out my trusty Cook’s Illustrated cook book and got to it. _DSC0219My nephew Alexander helped, too!_DSC0218I was a bit nervous about using so much oyster sauce at once, but everything turned out pretty well. _DSC0222Plus, leftovers for lunch today! Win.

  • Do you like leftovers or are you one of those people who don’t eat them?
  • Favorite cook book?
  • How many months/weeks do you officially train for a half marathon? A full?

2 thoughts on “kung pao run, kung pao chicken

  1. I never want leftovers but my husband will take to work for lunch.
    I feel like I’m always in the middle of training for a race. This week starts spring training for Boston!

  2. I love leftovers…I usually make a couple big batches of things for the week and don’t cook at all outside of the weekend! That sunrise is beautiful. I think one benefit of the cold air is everything looks more scenic.