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carbtastic chronicles #13: King Arthur Italian Bread 101

Here’s one of my latest loaves!italian_bread_sesame_seed_DSC0003It’s straight from King Arthur’s Italian Bread 101 recipe and it was pretty much perfect. italian_bread_sesame_seed_DSC0011I was highly skeptical of this recipe because it contains ONLY four ingredients: yeast, water, flour, and salt. (Plus egg white and sesame seeds for topping). No sugar?! No vital wheat gluten?! No butter or oil?! How on earth could THAT work, I wondered.

But somehow it did. This was probably one of the lightest, fluffiest, and tastiest loaves I’ve ever made!italian_bread_sesame_seed_DSC0006Baking it in my new Sassafrass baking pan definitely gave this Italian loaf a nice crispy crust.italian_bread_sesame_seed_DSC0017 And braiding the dough gave it a nice look, too! The loaf braid is an art that I’m slowly starting to master. The trick: let your yeast “rest” for five minutes before attempting to braid the dough. It helps the rolls keep their long, thin shape.italian_bread_sesame_seed_DSC0001Sliced up!italian_bread_sesame_seed_DSC0017And served up. In true Italian fashion, I made a big batch of pasta to go with this loaf. Sauce inspired by Damn Delicious (I personally thought hers was too meaty, so I threw in two extra cans of tomato sauce. Also used fresh basil instead of dried.)_DSC0019I took one last bread photo:_DSC0020And then the loaf was gone. The end :)