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HBD Anthony!

Hello!0106150642It’s another cold day in Nashvegas, but the skies are clear and bright. The moon was still hanging around, even at 6:30 am! Go back to bed.0106150642aThat’s exactly what I wanted to do this morning, but my running buddy Katie was waiting for me. Anthony tagged along, too! Five and a half done before I even had time to process what I was doing. That’s one of my favorite reasons to run super early — it’s so dark and I’m so sleepy that I don’t have the mental capacity to talk myself out of it. I’m just in autopilot mode.0106150646In other news: Happy birthday, Anthony!0104151147Even though Anthony’s bday is today, we kicked off celebrations early with a big family get-together on Sunday. Almost everyone from both of our immediate families was there — about 15 of us in total! Good thing Garcia’s has endless chips and salsa for all.0104151240aOlder and wiser. I’d say we’re aging gracefully…0104151322After three years of blogging, I almost got a a single photo of my entire and ever-growing immediate family. Only person missing is my sister-in-law who had to work. Darn!0104151326aAfter lunch, I headed home to bake a a massive cake. I think we’re having another cake tonight, but I figured we should start cake training on Sunday. _DSC0025Anthony’s mom (or “mum” in Australian) helped me tackle this Cook’s Illustrated Old-Fashioned Chocolate Layer Cake. Looks like a few other bloggers have reviewed this recipe too — you can check out their recaps here, here, and here! Mine didn’t turn out quite as neat as theirs, but that’s because I did a speed-version of the recipe and might splashed some water into the frosting on accident…

But even it its watered-down form, it was still dang delicious. And really chocolate-y!! _DSC0031Make a wish! _DSC0030Approximately two seconds later, half of the 10-pound cake had vanished. #magic_DSC0035More baked goods to come later — in the form of bread and MORE cake! Sorry to all of you who are trying to stick to healthy 2015 resolutions.

  • Cake: chocolate or vanilla?
  • How do you tackle early morning runs?
  • What do you call your mom? Mom? Mother? Momma? Mum?

7 thoughts on “HBD Anthony!

  1. It’s far easier for me to tackle the runs in the morning when there is at least some sunlight out. I love early morning spring and summer runs because it tends to be quiet. When I wake up to darkness, it becomes that much harder to motivate myself to get out of bed to run.

  2. Happy birthday to Anthony!!
    umm that cake looks amazing. I’m usually a vanilla-flavored kind of person, but I’d sacrifice for that cake

  3. WAHOOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTHONY! He looks just like his dad in that photo where he’s blowing out the candles.
    When my mom had my brother she decided she wanted her children to call her momchick. It didn’t stick.