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Hello! It’s THREE degrees outside today and I just didn’t have the motivation to pack on three layers for a run outside. So I hit the treadmill instead!0108150638a_resized I jammed to Lake Street Dive and did the following mini speed session: .75 miles easy; 0.5 miles hard; 0.25 miles easy; 0.5 miles hard; 0.25 miles easy; 0.5 miles hard; 0.25 easy; 0.75 hard; 0.25 easy. Easy pace was about 9:20-9:40; hard pace was 6:48. Four fast miles in total!

Since today’s treadmill run photos are boring, I’ll rewind a bit and share Sunday’s outing. I went on a mini run and major walk.0104150901aMy friend Rayna is injured right now and so we haven’t been able to run together. So I ran to meet her, and we walked instead!0104150758It was super ominous-looking outside. Later that day, I think we got buckets of wind and rain.0104150901We walked and talked for about three miles and I ran about three miles — perfect workout for a low-key Sunday :)

AND last night I realized that Edley’s East Nashville is the perfect stop for a low-key Wednesday. We picked up some barbecue for a Southern-style feast.edleys_bbq_east_nashville_DSC0057The chicken and pork were pretty good, but my top vote went to the baked beans! So smoky with just the right mix of hot + sweet.edleys_bbq_east_nashville_DSC0058And tonight, we’ve got a big batch of chili on the menu! Seems appropriate for such a cold day. Have a good one!

  • Locals: Favorite BBQ spot?
  • What’s your threshold for coldness when running outside?
  • How often do you eat out/order takeout?

12 thoughts on “quick run + low-key run

    • my issue is the amount of time it takes to put on all the gloves and clothes! seriously takes me 20 minutes to just get out the door :)

    • i had heard that their bbq was so-so, but i would say it was really good! collard greens were bad though. must get the nachos instead, next time :)

  1. When it is below 0 I say no. Last year I was training for a marathon during the polar vortex and there were some days that I had to run outside and the temps were not the most favorable. My threshold for running on the treadmill is 15 miles. I hope to never do that again.

  2. The track workout for my running group this week was cancelled due to the snow and ice, so I was forced to do it on the treadmill yesterday. Running 400s is always tough, but the benefit of the treadmill is I can’t slack on my speed.

  3. Last week I did a few single digit runs– 9* was the lowest I think. But the morning I woke up and it was 0 feels like -4, I stayed in bed! It’s getting harder and harder to find the motivation to do cold runs!

  4. That’s a really nice idea you had to walk with your injured friend. It has been in single digits with feels like temps below zero all week. I’m game to run outside in any temp as long as there isn’t a wind chill advisory. If there’s snow or strong winds, I head to the indoor track.