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bring it on, winter

Today’s run: first three miles were a little damp, but in a refreshing way.0112150632Last two were a complete downpour in a hilarious way. Anthony and I got soaked! We sloshed our way home and looked like we’d gone for a swim by the time it was all over.0112150657aThat was kind of crazy, but kind of fun.0112150659And even though it was soggy outside, I’d still take today’s weather over the weekend’s. On Saturday we froze our faces off with the East Nasty running club.0110150841dIt was 12 degrees out when we started, so my hands were too cold to take any photos along the way. After eight miles I had a small icicle beard and my mouth was too frozen to form a smile.0110150840bBring on the rain, bring on the ice — winter, you can’t beat me :) .

Moving right along to warm food in a warm home: on Saturday night we cooked up the last supper for Anthony’s family. They’re from Australia and have been staying with us for the past five weeks — it’s been a full house! Since it was their last dinner before they left on Sunday, we went all-American and made a big plate of burgers._DSC0085On the side was a Greek-inspired salad: baby spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, feta, cucumber, and pine nuts._DSC0083Anthony (a sandwich master) has taught me how to perfectly stack a mountainous burger. That’s a slice of grilled eggplant on top! _DSC0091We kept the American theme going with a trip to Waffle House earlier in the day. Because it’s basically the best thing in the USA, right?_DSC0068I know that this fine establishment is named after waffles, but I personally believe that their butter-soaked raisin toast is the best thing on the menu. _DSC0076Though really — the best thing about Waffle House is the people! The staff is always hilarious and customers range from overnight truck drivers to young couples to our family, who shocked the waitress with foreign accents._DSC0078And that’s it, mates! Hope your week is off to a good start!

  • Do you have an accent? Where/what kind?
  • Favorite US chain restaurant?
  • Last time you got completely drenched by rain?

13 thoughts on “bring it on, winter

    • haha, i was actually telling my friend about the really cold run we did last year where our mouths froze and we couldn’t even talk at the end :). crazy friends are the best type

  1. Mary, Honey, when it is 12 degrees outside you need an actual hat. :)

    Me, I’ll take the 12 sunny degrees over a cold downpour any day.

    • haha, good idea. i need it to keep my brain warm and working, which it clearly wasn’t this past weekend!

  2. My first long run of training happened last week and even the rain couldn’t be a damper on it. Normally I don’t mind the rain so much; just when it’s rainy AND cold, that’s when I begin to rethink skipping a workout in favor of the treadmill.

  3. I once ran in such a horrible downpour that my contacts were nearly washed out of my eyes. Some construction workers looked at me like I was crazy when I ran by. (It was summer, so it was actually a nice change of pace from the heat!) I have a very strong Michigan accent, to the point that I’ve been asked by other Americans if I’m Canadian when I travel.

  4. haha that frozen face picture! not looking forward to those days.
    like the person above, I lost my contacts to the rain too! I’ve learned to always wear a hat if it looks like it *might possibly* rain