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speedwork, shepard’s pie & smash cocktails

Good morning!0113150701Even though it’s 30 degrees and overcast today, I still wanted to be outside. I’ve been craving a good track workout and headed over to East Nashville Magnet School to pick up the pace. BUT, unfortunately no other runners were there so I left. After seeing some weird stuff and a car break-in at this track, Anthony and I have a rule that I won’t run there in the dark alone. Safety first!

So, I hit up the treadmill and took this sweat-tastic photo as proof that I ran my fastest :)0113150656A half mile warm-up, followed by three miles at a 6:58 pace. 50-second standing rest between each mile. One-mile cool down. I remember doing a similar treadmill workout over the summer, and noticed that it felt a lot harder today. Oops. Time to get back on the training bandwagon after eight weeks of post-marathon fun, people. I have a half marathon in March and need to get my speed back ASAP.

Transitioning from the treadmill to my kitchen table…

Last night was a night for a one-dish wonder!shepards_pie_DSC0114Last time I made a triple-batch of shepard’s pie, I had a ton of leftover meat + veggies (or a shortage of mashed potatoes, depending on how you look at it…). Anyways, I threw it in the freezer and had it ready to go for a rainy day.

And since it definitely rained yesterday, I decided it was time  to bring out my secret stash of shepard’s pie. All I had to do was peel, boil, and mash some taters — and then assemble and bake!sheapards_pie_DSC0123I gave us some greens on the side because we’ve been eating waffles, cake, and cocktails for the past five weeks ;).sheapards_pie_DSC0121Speaking of cocktails — the other night we tried out this Bulleit rye smash!_DSC0108We took the drink ingredients over to my friend Tracee’s place, where she had a yummy spread of appetizers waiting. Home-based happy hours are the best!_DSC0110…. and after smashing a couple of the bourbon smashes, Anthony and I found ourselves at Five Points Pizza with slices of pizza bigger than our heads. It happens._DSC0111Now, it’s time to go do the work thing! Speaking of which, I’m off to New Orleans and South Walton, Florida for the next few days. I’ll pop in and say hello when I can!

  • Locals: Best pizza in town?
  • Do you have a “backup” freezer/fridge? I’m thinking we might need one…
  • Weirdest thing you’ve ever seen on a run?


6 thoughts on “speedwork, shepard’s pie & smash cocktails

  1. I still haven’t been to Five Points Pizza! I’m not really much of a pizza-eater…probably because I eat so much of it when I babysit every weekend that I’ve become sick of it, but I do really love the Miss Kitty at Two Boots Pizza. Probably because it doesn’t have tomato sauce and is topped with Hattie B’s Hot Chicken. :)

  2. What half marathon do you have in march? I’m trying to find a couple of halfs or a full to train for and i’m always on the look out for some reccomendations!

    • I’m doing the Seaside School Half Marathon in Florida! It’s actually sold out :( but I’ll be sure to do a review so you can see if it’d be of interest next year! Hoping it’s warm, fast, and flat!

  3. I LOVE FIVE POINTS!! So so good! Desano’s is great too:) I’ll be in New Orleans next weekend for the rock n roll half.. Love that city.

  4. I’ve seen plenty of weird things on my runs! I think my favorite was one night in college a very drunk (and large) guy was riding a child-sized bike with two flat tires. He was really far gone and seemed completely baffled as to why he wasn’t going very fast!