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Good morning from South Walton, Florida!0115150645After hours of sitting in a plane and car yesterday, I was more than ready to stretch my legs this morning. Even though it was dark when I set out, the pretty lights and super-flat trails were calling my name.0115150617aThen things got pretty drizzly, but I didn’t care.0115150641It took my Garmin a good half mile to load satellites, so I’m going to just round this run up to 7 miles :)0115150704Warm weather and hill-less roads. Thank you for existing, Florida.

AND amazing seafood! Last night my coworkers and I enjoyed an evening at Coast Food + Wine. Considering food and wine are two of my favorite things, I was pretty sure I would like this restaurant.coast_food_+_wine_grayton_beach_DSC0129And I did. The kale caesar salad blew my mind.  I think DC’s Lost Society still serves the best kale salad in America, but this one was a close second! Lemony but not too tangy, either — I’m always impressed when people can make something as harsh and herby as kale taste delicious! coast_food_+_wine_grayton_beach_DSC0144The main event: seafood stew! So much fresh Gulf fish here that I couldn’t say no to a mix of it all. coast_food_+_wine_grayton_beach_DSC0147Coast was a hit! If you’re ever in South Walton, you should definitely check it out.

That’s it for now —  have a good day!

  • Favorite type of seafood?
  • How long does it take your Garmin to load satellites? Mine’s been a slowpoke lately…
  • Ever been to the South Walton area?

7 thoughts on “florida run, florida food

  1. I’m from New England originally, so I love almost all seafood. I’m a sucker for a lobster dinner with melted butter, but I also love hot clam cakes and chowder!

  2. I loooooove South Walton, was in Seaside over New Year’s! It took my garmin forever to load down there too for some reason, but I seriously enjoyed the flat terrain!

    A really good crab cake is hard to beat in my book, but I love all types of seafood.

  3. I’m not a fish person, but I love shellfish. Crab and lobster are amazing. My new 220 can connect via Bluetooth to my phone and will pre-cache my location that way. It’s awesome to travel and still get satellites in less than 10 seconds!