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beach run + the bowery

Good morning! The skies have cleared in South Walton and the 7 a.m. skies are full of color.0116150647I did a short, sweet run this morning: 1 mile warm-up (8:30ish), 2 miles fast (6:50ish), 1.5 miles cool-down (8:00ish). Those middle two were tough, but you gotta run fast in order to get faster!0116150640And you gotta make a stop to see the beach in order to say you ran in Florida.0116150704aRewinding to our usual dose of food + drink.the_bowery_redfish_village_DSC0027Last night my coworkers and I checked out The Bowery in Redfish Village. What a cool space!!the_bowery_redfish_village_DSC0016Why is it that shrimp cocktail is considered such a 70s/80s thing? I think we should bring it back (Anthony, that’s me secretly suggesting you have that waiting for me when I come home tomorrow).the_bowery_redfish_village_DSC0033Speaking of which, I’ll see you from Nashville next! Have a good weekend!!!!!!!

  • If you could bring back something from the 80s, what would it be?
  • Last time you went to the beach?
  • Tell me about your run today!!!

8 thoughts on “beach run + the bowery

  1. I love the show The Goldbergs because it’s all of the fun 80’s stuff!
    I was in watercolor for Christmas.
    Today’s workout: 23 miles on the spin bike and weights!

  2. I’m a 90s baby so I missed out on the 80s, but I often ask myself why leg warmers went out of style! I have been wearing them on my way home from the gym post workouts and they are a lifesaver in the cold.

    • I’ve been wearing over-the-shin wool skiing socks all winter and your post made me realize they are basically socks with integrated legwarmers. They are definitely lifesavers. Whenever I put on a pair of regular socks I can’t wait to change back to the tall ones!!

  3. The beach? What is that? Hehe, last time I was at the beach was in the summer. Right now we have snow beaches and I wish for them to go away!

    I haven’t run in a few days – busy at work which meant that I haven’t made it to the gym to go on the treadmill. It is supposed to be warmer tomorrow so I’m hoping to go running before the husband has to go to work.