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run, pad thai, run, burger.

Hello and happy Monday! I’m jealous of all of you who have the day off :) I still have a few things to share from Florida, but I’ll have to get to that later this week. Too much to tell from the past couple days!

When I arrived home, I was itching to go for a run. The weather was SO nice!0117151627I did about three super-easy miles — no Garmin. Just getting outside to soak up the setting sun. One of my favorite trees in East Nash:0117151635and some of my favorite “flowers.”0117151637When I got back, Anthony was hard at work in the kitchen. I’d ordered his signature pad thai for my glorious return home, and he had to take his signature picture._DSC0190The wok was working its magic…pad_thai_wok_DSC0191And only 300 dirty dishes later, we were ready to eat!pad_thai__DSC0193I added some leafy greens on the side of mine for some added crunch and veggie power.pad_thai__DSC0195Yum!pad_thai__DSC0198This is where I would usually sign off — but I need to squeeze in a few more miles before I say goodbye! I fit in my long run on Sunday afternoon, which is sort of weird for us Type-A runners that do their long runs every.single.Saturday.morning.0118151418Anthony joined me (he’d also run nine miles the day before — champ!) and we enjoyed the warm weather in Shelby park.0118151424Action shot.0118151505dIt was strange running at 3 pm on a Sunday (I usually have my PJs on and am ready for bed at this point), but not so bad.0118151525We finished the run just in time to shower and get ready for BURGERS. Baby not included._DSC0201My sister chose Five Guys for her birthday celebration! And my mom snuck two cakes and a candle inside the place. _DSC0203May all of your wishes come true!

  • Are you working or not working today?
  • When do you do your long runs?
  • Best burger chain in the US?

5 thoughts on “run, pad thai, run, burger.

  1. I’m working on healing my achilles and how to do pull-ups. I did my first chin up this weekend!!
    I long run on Saturday mornings.
    My favorite is the marathon burger at burger up!

  2. I had to work today – I’m jealous of all the kids that had the day off! I tried to do my long runs Sunday afternoons over the summer, but now I go Saturday mornings. I like it so much better because then I’m not worrying about it all weekend!

  3. i had today off!

    I’m not a burger person. I’ve only been to Five Guys once and I got the veggie sandwich…it was literally the bun + burger toppings. haha!