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lotta sunrise, little lamb

Hello! It was a dark day when I woke up.0120150621But then my early-morning efforts paid off with a stellar sunrise. Good morning, Nashvegas.0120150642I did seven miles with five half-mile sprints thrown in. Well, not “sprints” exactly, but faster-paced bursts at a pace that was “comfortably hard,” aka a fartlek run. I sort of wanted to sit down and never run again when I was doing them, but when I finished I felt proud! :)0120150642aAnd now it’s time to get the day started.

Not before I share dinner, though! On the menu this week: Cook’s Illustrated’s lamb curry with whole spices. I’ve been obsessed with Cook’s Illustrated for the past six months. My sweet friend Meredith bought me The Big Book of Cook’s Illustrated galore the other month (thank you, Meredith!!!), and I’ve been going Cook’s Crazy ever since :).cook's_illustrated_cookbook_DSC0176-001I love Cook’s Illustrated because they don’t just show you a recipe, they teach you a recipe. My lamb knowledge has gone from 0 to 100 over the past few days. Okay, probably more like 0 to 10, but it’s a start, right?cook's_illustrated_cookbook__DSC0180-001And Cook’s Illustrated definitely doesn’t spare any ingredients or take any shortcuts. This lamb curry took up half of my Sunday afternoon, but what’s a better way to spend four hours than peeling potatoes and trimming a raw, bony leg of lamb?! (Insert Mary had a little lamb joke here)lamb curry_DSC0219The result: pretty darn good. I added carrots and mushrooms to the recipe to veggie it up and cut back on the absurd amount of potatoes recommended. I also threw in a can of chickpeas to cheapen and stretch the recipe. Lamb = $$$$.

We served ours with some leftover red wine and some hanging wet laundry :)lamb curry_DSC0217Brown basmati rice on the bottom, Greek yogurt + cilantro on top.lamb curry_DSC0220and that’s a wrap. I’ll leave you with this ridiculous policeman singing TSwift and see you later!

  • Taylor Swift: Love her or not?
  • Lamb: Ever cook it?
  • Running: Ever considered quitting?

8 thoughts on “lotta sunrise, little lamb

  1. Love Taylor Swift; I used her “Shake it Off” as the first song on my playlist for my marathon. It was in making that playlist that I realized how many T Swift songs I had on my Ipod.

  2. YUMMM I love lamb but have never cooked it myself! I’ve considered quitting but it’s usually on short runs not long runs hmmm.. Probably bc I slow my speed by about 99% on long runs :)) and I totally love TayTay.. I can’t help it. Have a good day!!

  3. OK…. so. First to the lamb— I’ve been on a HUGE lamb burger wrapped in prosciutto kick. So. Good!

    As for T Swift….. I wish I could hate her, but it’s so hard! Ugh…

    Now I need to conisder -starting- to run… Hah!

  4. I love Taylor Swift’s new album, but I didn’t really care for her old stuff. I used to go to Mongolians just to get lamb (my mom didn’t know how to cook it growing up), but now they don’t serve it anymore. I should learn, since it’s one of my favorite meats!