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Good morning, Nashville!0121150618I just spent 20 minutes prepping dinner for tonight (yes, I make dinner at 7 am because I’m crazy, and because I am obsessed with our slow cooker) so am going to have to keep this post short and sweet!

This morning I apparently met up with East Nasty for a run. I don’t remember because I was still asleep.0121150641We did a similar route through the city that I basically ran yesterday — with a detour around the “Demonbreun Hill” statue. Apparently Demonbreun Hill is trying to market itself as its own little neighborhood. I would never live there because duh, it’s on a hill.  0121150631But anyways. Good run!0121150659aJust so you know, I DO own a watch that is not a Garmin. It’s a lovely rose gold Fossil watch that Anthony got me about three years ago. Its battery finally died the other day and I’ve been totally lost on time ever since.fossil_rose_gold_womens_watch_DSC0186-001Nashvillians: Have you checked out Onyx? I’d been curious about this little shop located down on Gallatin (by one of the many Cash & Loan stores and Taco Bell) and was surprised to see it pop up when I Googled “watch repair East Nashville.” Yep — this place does coffee AND watch repair. What a random but amazing business concept. (Sorry for the overexposed photo, I don’t know what my phone was doing)onyx_east_nashville_0120150812And they do vintage clothes and jewelry, too! What a crazy shop. While the owner replaced my watch battery I sipped a really tasty coffee. In five minutes my watch was back on time and I’d gotten my caffeine fix for just $12.onyx_east_nashville0120150815Pretty awesome experience! Next time you are on Gallatin Road getting quick loans, liquor, or tacos, be sure to stop by Onyx for a coffee, chitchat, and vintage scarf.

And that’s it! I just wrote this blog post in under 10 minutes which might just be a new blog-writing PR. Forgive typos.

  • Locals: Been to Onyx?
  • Bloggers: How long does it take you to write a post?
  • Do you live on a flat street or a hilly one?

8 thoughts on “blog-writing PR

  1. I haven’t been to onyx yet…looks cool!
    Most blogs take me an hour to write but some definitely take longer.
    My house is on top of a hill.

  2. That’s such a cool idea – I haven’t seen that place! Now I need to go get a watch so I can have it fixed!! 😀 usually takes about an hour to post! Sometimes longer if I’m eating a snack at the same time (when I say sometimes I mean always).

  3. Wow – 10 minutes is fast! Mine usually take 45 minutes to an hour, and that’s with me actively forcing myself to stay on task. Otherwise the time can easily fly by! I live on a flat street – but every other street in a 100 mile radius is flat too!