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looking for a track friend and kicking off my modeling career

We are one day away from the weekend, people! I actually woke up thinking it was Saturday… but then realized that it’s just a Thursday. I headed to the track in hopes someone else would be there to keep me company, but it was dark and empty so I left. Does anyone want to be my 6 am Thursday track friend? 0122150629I headed to the treadmill instead!0122150708I did a super-fast, super-short workout that left me gasping for air at the end of each rep. You know, the hands-on-knees head-hanging-low kind of crouched-over-and-ready-to-croak look? That was me, seven times :).

Though I did stand straight up to strike this beautiful pose for you guys.0122150651aHalf-mile warm-up, a bit of stretching, and then: 7 x 400m with a 1:50 standing rest between each rep. I did each 400 at a 5:43-5:45 pace (coming in at about 85 seconds per rep) and decided that I never want to sprint again.

How about we brighten up this post with some non-indoor, non-dark photos? Flashback to a patio brunch from my trip last week to South Walton, Florida:great_southern_seaside_DSC0178My colleagues and I headed to Great Southern Cafe in Seaside where I got the greens above and the Gulf shrimp below. Everything was SO fresh!Great SOuthern cafe seaside, south walton, seasideEating it outdoors on a 60-degree day wasn’t so bad, either :). Since the weather was so gorgeous, we also stopped by one of the most scenic spots in town — the Oyster Lake bridge.

One last modeling shot for you guys before I go. I personally think the sweaty treadmill photo is better._DSC0120Have an amazing day!

  • Have you ever wanted to be a model? (or actually HAVE been one?!)
  • Which would you rather…. 100m dash or a 100-mile ultra?
  • How do you find/determine your speed workouts?

16 thoughts on “looking for a track friend and kicking off my modeling career

  1. I LOVE that I knew your “amazing” link before even clicking on it. And I love that you have it on there. So amazing. I just saw that episode last night. Jimmy makes for a great 3rd wheel and oy vey! Some of those girls that Chris has are scary! My vote is Whitney for the win (but her voice is kind of annoying) and Britt should be the next Bachelorette.

    • I think Britt (she’s the waitress, right?) is a little nutso. Actually, they all are. Agree on Whitney’s voice. I need to watch that show on mute… actually, I need to stop watching it, period 😉

  2. I thought I wanted to be a model SO bad when I was like 8. I went to one of those big casting call things where they are really just tricking you into paying for modeling classes. heh. My parents thought better of it

  3. 100m dash always! (I’m a former sprinter) – although if I attempted a sprint right now, my hamstrings would probably explode…..

    I was a Wal-mart model once!

    I’ve seen a few speed workouts in assorted books/magazines. I also adapt my sprinter workouts to suit distance running instead.