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Good morning! I’m glad I didn’t run today because it’s gross and grey out. Supposed to be nice tomorrow morning, though — perfect for a long run. BUT I did squeeze in a few extra miles before the skies turned dark yesterday. My brother-in-law, Joe, just moved here and turns out his new job is right down the street from my office. So we decided to start a lunchtime run club :)0122151229bWe covered about 2.5 miles together, one of which was over the pedestrian bridge (completing a 3-day bridge-running streak for me!).  A breath of fresh air in the middle of a busy workday felt awesome. I could see this becoming a weekly outing… right Joe?0122151230One thing that definitely is a weekly happening: taco night.pulled_pork_tacos_DSC0188-001Tacos are just too tasty and easy NOT to make on a weekly basis. I’m pretty sure Anthony and I could eat Mexican food every day for the rest of our lives. I mean, we did eat it for eight days straight on our honeymoon14-_DSC0101Okay, I wouldn’t say my Mexican is quite as authentic as the stone-ground homemade tortillas above… but I’m it’s still pretty darn tasty.pulled_pork_tacos_DSC0193For these pulled pork tacos, I threw the meat (Boston butt… try not to giggle when you ask the butcher for it) in the slow cooker with some spices and citrus. Then we pan-fried the meat to get it nice and crispy.pulled_pork_tacos_DSC0191We also sauteed some random spinach that I spotted in our fridge. Sort of weird but we just washed it down with beer for good measure.pulled_pork_tacos_DSC0194and now it’s time to get this day started! See you this weekend!

  • Does anyone know any vegetable-y Mexican side dishes? I’m always at a loss.
  • Do you have a lunch break?
  • To my married folk: Where did you go for your honeymoon?

9 thoughts on “run club + taco club

  1. Corn casserole and I have several bean side dishes i like with mexican or anything !! I love the Sonora veggies at Rosepepper as a side. Kevin and i went to Antigua for our honeymoon ..i had never been to the Caribbean and it was great. ..so as for my running…i got cleared to start Run/walk intervals every other day for the next 2 weeks and then back to running continuously..so things are looking up..im Ready for spring already and Running again with you Mary !

  2. You make real food look good! Must be a trade secret. The food shot by professions for ads and such is of course not real food – the whipped cream is shaving foam and so on.

    Anyway, on Mexi sides, rice and black beans are kinda obvious, but I like the idea of a deconstructed or I should say REconstructed salsa.

    Just turn a salsa back in time, and instead of pulverizing the ingredients, lay them out as a simple salad of sliced tomatoes, red onions, olive oil, vinegar, cilantro leaves, some hot pepper and what have you – black olives, avocado slices etc.

  3. I’m not a big Mexican food fan, so I have nothing to offer there. I’ve never run on lunch, but I do enjoy going for a swim or hitting the gym. It helps clear my mind, especially on stressful days!