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mas ice & tacos por favor

Hey there! How’s your weekend going? Ours is SNOWY.0124150855Anthony and I met up with some PR Bandits runners this morning for a surprisingly frosty run. Even though the ground was white, the skies were clear! It was sort of awesome and not very cold at all.0124150703The Shelby Park trails were a little icy at the start, but we figured everything would start melting once the sun came out. 0124150739aWe were wrong.0124150754Once we got out of the park and hit some neighborhood roads, the ice got worse and we were slipping and sliding everywhere. And  I realized that my dreams of being a pro figure skater will never come true. 0124150749Since my Mizunos were so useless on the slick roads, Anthony and I parted with the group and headed back to the slightly better trails! It was very pretty and perilous at the same time. Plus we were the only crazies outside and had the whole park to ourselves.0124150830Thumbs up for a scenic winter run, thumbs down for killer ice patches.0124150817aConsidering all the skating, stopping, and walking, I think we actually did pretty well!0124150908And because it’s been a full 24 hours since I last showed you pictures of tacos…._DSC0215Last night we met up with our friends Ryan and Michelle at Mas Tacos Por Favor, which is a world-famous taco shack less than two miles from our house. Okay, maybe not world-famous, but definitely Nashville-famous...

AND NOW WE KNOW WHY._DSC0222The tacos were DEEH-licious. Probably better than BOTH El Jaliciense AND Taco Mamacita, which is saying a lot. Plus the super-friendly staff gave us a free bowl of guacamole, AKA a free bowl of love._DSC0218and that’s it, friends! Go build a snowman and have a great Saturday.

  • Locals: best taco in Nashville?
  • Last time you slipped and fell?
  • Best ice/snow running shoes? My shoes were SO bad!

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