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7 miles, 6 tacos.

Man, what a gloomy Monday!!0126150646I heard it might snow later today, so I was thankful that the skies were, at least, snow-free this dark morning :)0126150631aI covered seven quiet miles with some sprints thrown in here and there. Good way to kick off the week! 0126150638Moving onto the BIG news: I set a new taco-eating PR last week. We ate tacos for five days straight! For the next month, I’ll be signing autographs at a Mexican restaurant near you.

Staring on Wednesday: homemade tacos for dinner, round 1:pulled_pork_tacos_DSC0194Then homemade tacos (plus taco holders!) round 2 on Thursday.0122151917aWe had plans to go to Holland House on Friday, but it was packed. Sooooooo we ended up at Mas Tacos instead:_DSC0222Oh, and then we had more leftover tacos (which I turned into taco salad) for lunch on Saturday. #TacosForever_DSC0225On Saturday night we joined our church group for dinner and a movie. On the menu: Selma & Five Points Cocina Mexicana. I technically got bean burritos, but let’s be honest: they’re just tacos with cheese on the outside instead of the inside.five_points_cocina_mexicana_DSC0005Side note: Our waiter convinced Anthony to order this concoction. Some magical science makes the beer stay in its mini bottle until you finish the margarita first.five_points_cocina_mexicana_DSC0001Oh, and guess what we had for lunch on Sunday? Deconstructed tacos. That was day #5, taco #6, in case you lost count 😉_DSC0228Needless to say, we’ve got some non-Mexican meals planned over the next few days! Hope you have a great week!

  • My east-coast friends: Has the snow hit yet?! Are you able to walk/run in it?
  • If you had to eat one thing every day for a week, what would it be?
  • Salsa: mild, medium, or hot?!


8 thoughts on “7 miles, 6 tacos.

  1. Chili. Have done and will do again. In the cooler months it keeps in a big pot out on the balcony, too big for the fridge. Scoop out as needed and reheat. Gets better the longer it sits, at least I guess up to a point (which I have never reached). Goes with rice, macaroni, corn bread, you name it. With a fried egg on a tortilla for juevos rancheros.

  2. so many tacos! did you hear about the Chipotle deal going on, where if you go in TODAY and get sofritas, you can get a free meal between Jan 27-Feb 28? (late notice). I’m going for lunch!

    • what?! that’s amazing. love them, but am tired of mexican food right now haha. i’m eating one with you in spirit!! :)

  3. Gah still cloudy?? I don’t want to leave the New Orleans sun!! And I’m impressed with the taco PR.. Good work! Girl I love a margarona.. I somehow convinced a waiter one time to make a margarona pitcher.. Amazing. Happy Monday!

  4. The catch for me is I pretty much eat the same thing every day anyway! I just don’t like having to think about meals, so doing the same thing works for me. I’m glad I don’t live on the East Coast – that storm sounds like it’s going to be insane!