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hills, fish sauce, and the ultimate cream of tomato soup

Talk about the most random blog post title ever.

How’s your day going?0127150627Mine’s been hilly. Now that I’m back in the training zone, I gotta get those glutes going again! I did seven laps up and down and up and down this mountain on 16th street. Now that I think of it, I remember DC’s 16th street was a horrible hill, too… fate?!0127150653I’ve always hated hill workouts, but started to hate them a little less last year when I realized they actually work. After a winter of hill workouts I PRed in the Nashville Half Marathon — which was, ironically, quite a hilly race!

What do the experts have to say about hills? According to my old coach’s eBook (which he just released — you can buy it here!!), here’s the deal with hills.

“Hill repeats are the key workouts for many runner each winter, due to the tracks being less accessible… Go as hard as possible for each rep without fading for the remainders — the fasted speed that can be maintained. Hill repeats are not performed as full sprints, but if the intensity of a hill rep doesn’t feel harder than a tempo workout than IT’S NOT BEING RUN HARD ENOUGH… hill repeats are definitely a speed workout.” [extreme capitalization added by the editor, yours truly.]

So there you have it. Go run up a hill! Or go buy some fish sauce. Or actually, don’t buy it — you can just pick up a free bottle on McEwen St. instead. So random I had to stop.0127150700I would have picked it up myself, but none of my recipes this week call for fish sauce. We’re serving up hot soup + grilled sandwiches instead! Seems fitting for the dreary winter weather we’ve been having lately.the_ultimate_cream_of_tomato_soup_DSC0024Though I’m a big fan of my usual spicy sun-dried tomato soup, I thought I’d try out a new recipe from my Cook’s Illustrated book this time around. When you’re bold enough to call something The Ultimate Cream of Tomato Soup, it better be good :)the_ultimate_cream_of_tomato_soup_DSC0031And it was! We cut back on the cream a bit and added more tomatoes; and it still came out light yet hearty. Topped with some fresh basil and paired with a grilled chicken/mozzarella panini._DSC0022This photo looks sort of lonely, but I promise I didn’t eat alone! By the time I took this picture, Anthony had already relocated his meal to a TV tray in the living room. And then I did too. Because The Bachelor was on and we are the worst people ever. the_ultimate_cream_of_tomato_soup_DSC0020Chris, you need to get your act together. You’re making Jones’s job too easy!

  • Sad bachelor addicts like me: Who is your favorite?
  • Tomato soup: creamy, spicy, or tomato-y?
  • Tips for hill repeats?

7 thoughts on “hills, fish sauce, and the ultimate cream of tomato soup

  1. I did hill repeats this morning too! I’ve been incorporating them a lot more this training cycle and been feeling really good. The Bachelor this season is ridiculous. I feel like the girls are crazier than usual. And I agree–Chris needs to get his act together!

  2. I have a hill workout scheduled for tonight with my running group; repeats up and down Calvert Hill. Once you spend an hour doing those, having to do it only once in a race becomes a piece of cake.

  3. I hate everyone on the Bachelor this season. Haha I still have to watch it though. I think Jade is my favorite! She seems normal. Ashley I. needs to be punched. Way to go on the hills!!