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need more coffee and banana bread

Morning! What’s for breakfast?whole_wheat_banana_bread__DSC0204How about a slice of banana bread.whole_wheat_banana_bread_DSC0196We had a stash of overripe bananas in our freezer, so I literally whipped them up and folded them right into this King Arthur banana bread recipe. If you can’t tell yet, I’m obsessed with King Arthur. I even called their baking hotline the other day — what an amazing resource! There are actually TWO people named Mary on the hotline team. I think I just figured out my five-year plan.

Anyways. Back to the “bread,” which is actually closer to cake in my opinion…whole_wheat_banana_bread__DSC0199I was concerned about using half whole wheat flour, but it really gave the slices a nuttier, heartier texture and taste. I brought this batch into work, and it vanished pretty quickly!whole_wheat_banana_bread__DSC0212I’ve got to vanish pretty soon, to. But not before I share a run! Anthony and I met up with East Nasty this morning for the usual Wednesday outing.

We set out right at 6 am. Reflective gear was going strong in the dark trails.0128150613aBut eventually, the sun came out!0128150642I covered 4.5 with the group, 1.5 solo. After hill sprints yesterday, I was definitely dragging! Pretty sure Anthony and I were asleep for 90% of the run.0128150640aOh well. Guess I should try and wake up now? Maybe it’s time for coffee #2… with a slice of banana bread on the side.

  • What time of day are you sleepiest (I’m pretty much asleep from 3 pm on)
  • Banana “bread”: bread or cake? (It’s got basically all the same ingredients as a cake, minus the frosting. So that makes it cake, right?)
  • Reflective vest, headlamp, or both?! (I usually go headlamp if running in the dark for more than 20 minutes)

12 thoughts on “need more coffee and banana bread

  1. I just bought a really cheap headlamp for early morning/evening runs (boo not having enough sunlight!). Just curious what brand you use. Thanks!

  2. All quick bread and muffin recipes are essentially cake recipes. The ratio of flour to sugar is very similar for all three. I used to bake every weekend a few years ago and noticed a pattern. Calling them quick bread (eg banana bread, pumpkin bread) or muffin makes us feel better about eating cake for breakfast.

  3. Banana bread sound so good. Definitely more like a dessert, but totally worth it. Kind of like carrot cake “muffins” that have cream cheese infused in them. Haha. That’s a cupcake!!!!! I like your matching running outfits!

  4. I bought a headlamp but it broke after just a few runs. There’s a pretty large manufacturing plant near where I live, so it lights the sky well enough even on dark nights to see well enough to run. (I try not to think about what it’s releasing….) I’m definitely the most sleepy when I first get up in the morning. I just want to curl back up with all my blankets!