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listen, read, watch, drink.

Good morning! 0129150712Easy 3 miles today. I wasn’t planning on running this morning, but when I saw it was 43 degrees I had to get out there! I wore shorts and only one pair of gloves. Living the life.0129150720Since that’s all the news I really have for you today, here are three things to distract you…

Listen to America’s Test Kitchen Radio. I just started listening to this podcast and love it! Really useful tips (like what the best type of burger press is, or why you should use parchment paper) and super interesting interviewees (like the guy who wrote this review).

Read Coaching Runners & Being Self-Coached. Written by my old coach in DC, this is my “new coach” whenever I have a question. It’s packed with thoughtful takes on the psychology of running, but also has a lot of practical, easy-to-follow guidance on how to do workouts, make a training plan, etc.

Watch The Bachelor. Because I need to know that I’m not alone during this terrible, trashy journey.

And drink! Last night Anthony and I had a spontaneous date at The Filling Station. This taproom used to only sell beer by the bottle/growler (you couldn’t actually drink there) — but now they’ve got a real bar going on. Hoorah.0128151819There were so many beers to choose from, but I finally settled on an amber ale.0128151849We continued our liquid diet with bowls of soup upon our return home.smoky_lentil_stew_DSC0036Anthony’s parents gave me this awesome slow cooker cook book, so I gave one of the recipes a try. A smoky lentil stew — topped with a poached egg and a dollop of Greek yogurt.smoky_lentil_stew_DSC0038I think I went too heavy on the smoked paprika, so it was a bit spicy for my liking — Anthony loved it, though! And it was awesome to come home to an already-made dinner.smoky_lentil_stew_DSC0044 I’m looking forward to some leftovers for lunch today — after the lunch run club meetup, of course!

  • Can someone tell me the difference between all the types of paprika? Clearly I used a super spicy one.
  • What’s the temperature like in your hood today?
  • Locals: Favorite taproom in town?

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  1. Yumm that soup looks delish. Also I’m embarrassed to say I am, once again, totally sucked in to the Bachelor. Who’s your favorite? I am loving Jade and and I did like Britt but I think it was pretty dumb of her to question Chris about Kaitlyn. I have to say I really like Kaitlyn, but I’m not sure she and Chris are really a good match. I’d love to hear your thoughts!