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nashville fitness bloggers + forgotten pasta

Happy Friday! I wish I could say my weekend is starting off on a wonderful note, but I’ve actually spent the morning in bed with a nasty cold. Not sure how that happened, but let’s hope it goes away soon!

Even though I have a cold, I still couldn’t pass up a cocktail last night. This creation from No.308 had lime juice in it, so that means it’s basically medicine, right?_DSC0047The special occasion: a meetup with other Nashville fitness bloggers! Jen, Karina, and I finally got together to talk all things blogging, food, Nashville, and The Bachelor. So nice to meet these ladies in person!0129151934And now that the Nashville Fitness Bloggers Club has been established, I can add it to my list. Lunch Run Club lived on yesterday, too! (Before the cold symptoms kicked in)0129151238Joe and I did an EXTRA loop this time, bringing the run closer to four miles total. It was such a gorgeous day out!

And here is some gorgeous pasta. I think I made this at the beginning of the week and I’m ashamed that I’m just sharing it with you now. Too much food, not enough time.pasta_meatballs_DSC0011We still had some leftover homemade pasta in the freezer, so I heated it up and slow-cooked some sauce to go with it. Plus meatballs! pasta_meatballs_DSC0014This meal looks fancy, but it actually wasn’t very difficult at all. The only had part was grating the cheese — somehow, I lost part of my thumb in the process. (Don’t worry Anthony, it didn’t go into your dinner… I think)pasta_meatballs_DSC0010Fresh basil is officially my favorite herb. I put it on salads, on sandwiches, in my water (!) and of course, on pasta!pasta_meatballs_DSC0013And tonight, it’s going on homemade pizzas! We’re having a pizza party and I’m so excited. Let’s hope I’m back in full force by the end of the day!

  • Have you ever met someone from the internet in real life? What was it like?
  • Best type of pasta noodle?
  • Tips for helping me instantly recover from a cold?

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