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carbtastic chronicles #14: braided seed bread

Happy weekend! Here’s a loaf of bread for ya.braided_seed_bread_DSC0207I’m getting better at the braid! This loaf was a multi-grain creation that I packed with seeds and nuts. braided_seed_bread_DSC0206I think I might have slightly overloaded it on the add-ins, though — this loaf didn’t rise very high because I think the dough was too heavy.braided_seed_bread_DSC0215Still, it was pretty tasty! Those little white splotches are barley seeds :)braided_seed_bread_DSC0214We used this loaf mostly for breakfast toast, since the slices were too small for sandwiches. I’m eating the last piece right now, actually! A bit of butter and jam slathered on top. Yum.braided_seed_bread_DSC0211Let’s hope it makes for good pre-run fuel. Off to do 14 with the Nashville Striders this morning!

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