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homemade pizza & hometown run

Hey there! How was your weekend? As I mentioned on Friday, ours kicked off in the best way possible. Pizza.homemade_pizza_DSC0063Anthony and I teamed up to make homemade pizza pies. I mixed up the dough and slow cooked the sauce; he assembled the pizzas and put them on our grill!homemade_pizza_DSC0064Toppings included a roundup of fresh veggies and basil; prosciutto and CHEESE!pizza_toppings_DSC0058Plus some amazing white truffle pizza oil that our friends Tracee and Tony got us. Speaking of which — they were our guests!_DSC0069For our first time making 100% from-scratch pizza, I think we did pretty well. The trick was using pure semolina flour for the crust and figuring out how to cook them on open flames (it took a quite a cast iron concoction involving our wok, ha!)homemade_pizza_DSC0068The other trick: Eating them fresh and gooey, right off the grill.homemade_pizza_DSC0075Eating pizza and wine until midnight makes you feel GREAT on a 7 a.m. run the next day, let me tell ya. 😉0131150714Anthony, Katie, and I met up with the Nashville Striders for their popular “Bongo to Bongo” run. It starts at the Bongo Java coffee shop on the east side, then heads alllll the way to the Bongo location on the west side. Plus an extra four-mile loop around the Belmont area.0131150744bWe finished right at 14 miles, around an 8:15 average pace (if I had to guess. My Garmin died!). The run actually flew right by — those are my favorite types of long runs!0131150854aAfter our run, we headed to Tim’s Ford Lake to hang out with my parents. _DSC0120Cards were played.briscola_cards_DSC0113(More) wine was drank. With chocolate cookies dipped in?!_DSC0118And some football was watched! What a game, right?

…and now we’re off to drive home at 5:30 am. Catch you tomorrow!

  • Tips for making homemade pizza?
  • What did you do for the Super Bowl?
  • Do you run with a Garmin?

14 thoughts on “homemade pizza & hometown run

  1. That pizza looks so good!
    We probably passed you guys on Saturday. We ran from green hills to the farmers market and back.
    I love my garmin620!

    • next time i’ll have to look for you! there were TONS of runners everywhere — i actually almost collided with a couple coming from the east side on the way back, haha

    • thanks!! just opening the bottle you can almost TASTE the amazingness through the scent of truffle. yum.