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no ears, no meal plan

Morning! 0203150620So I put all of our clothes in the washing machine this morning which meant that I had no head warmer which meant that my ears froze and might have fallen off.0203150657aAnthony joined me for a frigid seven miles. He didn’t even know I took this stalker action shot as proof!0203150659aThe cold air was burning my lungs and watering up my eyes, but in a weirdly refreshing way. We must have been feeling the rush because our average pace was like 7:50. Don’t know exactly how we did that?0203150628 Maybe it was because I can finally breathe through my nose again! That cold from last week is gone :)

Time out to thanks to everyone who commented on my new blog look! I’m still tweaking the social buttons — until then, you can still find me on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Okay, maybe not so much Pinterest. I need to make more time in my day to prioritize pinning. My header design and page buttons were done by the fabulous Ben Clark, who was a pleasure to work with!

And now onto the food. Usually I have our meal plan together by Sunday, but since we had a weekend out of town, yesterday was pretty jam-packed! We drove from my parents’ house to Nashville around 6 am and went straight to our offices. After work we divided and conquered: Anthony made a quick stop at Whole Foods on his way home to grab things for dinner last night while I stopped at Publix on my way home to grab things for the rest of the week. While he was preparing a quick dinner, I prepped food for meals later in the week. This way, we have minimal cooking left for the next few days. Hoorah!

I don’t know why I decided to tell you that mundane story, but here’s how it ended:_DSC0127Sausages are a very Australian thing — I had figured Anthony might go with those for his dinner choice! He skewered some veggies on the side and threw it all on the grill. That’s a bottle of his mom’s homemade kethcup in the photo above, BTW. I want to learn how to make my own, too!_DSC0132A box of Near East basil-herb couscous on the side. We don’t have pearl couscous very often, but we should! It tastes creamier and looks fancier than normal couscous, don’t you think?_DSC0130And fanciness is what it’s all about, right? You have a fancy day!

  • Pearl couscous, or normal couscous?
  • How do you plan and cook meals for the week?
  • Ear warmer or beanie?

8 thoughts on “no ears, no meal plan

    • i used to look in my fridge, see what we had leftover, and then google random recipes; lately, i’ve been using cookbooks (cook’s illustrated & slow cooker cookbooks, mostly). whatever recipes i end up choosing, i somehow always modify them – ha!

  1. I froze on the track this morning!!
    Pearl couscous.
    I usually choose two new recipes to make each week. Then I fill in the gaps.
    Usually ear warmer unless it’s snowing or raining.