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peanut butter taste-off: justin’s vs. whole foods 365

Wednesday! Halfway through the week.0204150624And all the way up the hills. I tackled this beauty seven times in a row. It wasn’t as steep as last week’s hill, but it was long! I don’t know what’s worse — short steep hills or long gradual ones? I make sure to torture myself with both just to be safe :)0204150633Definitely felt the burn in the ol’ hamstrings by the last one. Wish I could have rode this mighty toddler truck I spotted instead!0204150625It was nice and brisk out today — not too cold, actually. I do love the humid green mornings of summer, but I have to say I’ve grown really fond of the spindly winter trees. Don’t they look so enchanting with all their twiggy twists and turns?0204150649And now it’s time for the most random change of topics ever:

Have you guys ever tried Justin’s peanut butter? I’ve heard about how amazing it is, but never had the guts to pay $10-15 for a single little jar of it. BUT, I saw it was on sale the other day and thought: It’s time.

Like any normal person would do, I decided to unveil the new product by having a peanut butter taste-off. Anthony and I put our favorite Whole Foods 365 brand peanut butter (about $5 for a much larger jar) head to head with Justin’s. Not sure what my Italian tea towel has to do with peanut butter, but I thought the colors were pretty so I went for it.justins_vs_365_peanut_butter_DSC0232Before we even scooped the peanut butter out, we could tell that Justin’s had a more even consistency — not as separated with oil and salt as 365 is. justins_vs_365_peanut_butter__DSC0237To taste them, we spread them atop slices of banana bread. And then ate some straight from the jar for good measure :)justins_vs_365_peanut_butter__DSC0242The winner: Whole Foods! Though we loved the consistency of Justin’s, we thought that its flavor was slightly less delicious than 365. Justin’s has a wonderful peanut-y taste — but more like bland peanuts than roasted/salted peanuts. Know what I mean?

Mystery solved. Now I’m going to have to try Justin’s “chocolate almond butter” next…!

  • Favorite brand of peanut butter?
  • Summer or winter?
  • Favorite toy as a kid?

18 thoughts on “peanut butter taste-off: justin’s vs. whole foods 365

  1. Altough I am married to an american, the only thing I can not stad is peanut butter! He can not even kiss me after eating some of it, haha!

  2. You should try the Earth Balance peanut butter next! I put it into competition with 365 and it won handily.

  3. Justin’s maple almond butter is amazing! I always buy the single serve packs and squeeze them onto each bite of a banana.

  4. ah ha! SO good to know about the peanut butter. I’m one of those suckers that often thinks “if it’s more expensive, it must taste better, right!?” Now I know!!

  5. I was given a taster of some product of Justin’s (I can’t even remember what it was!) and was wholly unimpressed with it. Definitely not worth the splurge! I’m a sucker for skippy. I buy their natural peanut butter, but who are we kidding it’s still chock full of sugar! The kid in me just can’t get over it. I do enjoy costco’s Kirkland brand peanut butter, but we don’t have one nearby, so I only get it when my parents send it as a treat.

  6. My favorite is probably the Justin’s Vanilla Almond butter. I hate when you have to stir nut butters a lot. That’s just pure laziness, but it’s true. :)

  7. I can only eat peanut butter from the organic supermarket which is freshly ground on demand. I’m not really a fan of PB but try to eat it now and then. Flavoured nut butters are just weird, eeww.

  8. I bought a bunch of the Justin’s maple almond butter individual packets and Milad and I ate them in Russia on granola bars for breakfast to save some money and they were soo delicious. I got them from Marshalls randomly, so they were cheaper than usual. But they traveled really well.
    In conclusion, the maple AB is delicious but I will only buy it from the weird random food aisles in Marshalls. Also, I love that your face off posts are often your most popular.