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today’s run + today’s soup

Crazy skies today.0205150635Anthony, Katie, and I met up for our usual weekday run and all agreed that if we wouldn’t have scheduled this jog together, we probably all would have bailed. It was so cold and windy — definitely needed some running buddies to help me push through the miles! (BTW, I didn’t edit the photo above or below; that’s just how weirdly colored the sky was this morning.)0205150639We did unintentional negative splits because we just wanted the run to be over and done with :). It was sort of one of those runs where everyone goes silent the last mile because all we can think about is going home and taking a hot shower.0205150648Brrr. How about we warm up with some soup?!chicken_tortilla_soup_DSC0149When I stopped by Brita’s blog the other day, I saw her recipe for chicken tortilla soup and thought it looked so delicious! So I made it. And it was. Thanks, Brita!chicken_tortilla_soup_DSC0158I pretty much stuck to the recipe, but only had one can of cannellini beans on hand. I subbed in a can of (unpureed) chickpeas instead! Which is why my batch came out a little more soupy, less creamy. Aaaaaand, I forgot the corn because I just simply forgot. Poor me.

Still good though!chicken_tortilla_soup_DSC0146Mexican food is my favorite because it’s all about the toppings. Mine included: Greek yogurt, avocado, cilantro, cheddar, and chopped radishes. Plus a few Food Should Taste Good chips and a squeeze of lime. I just Googled Food Should Taste Good and saw that you can get a 12-pack on Amazon for only $2.13 a bag. I definitely need to have at least 12 bags on hand at any given point. And also, speaking of Amazon, did you see this 20 Secret Tips for Shopping at Amazon article? I actually learned a few things.

Sorry, back to the soup. I also modified the recipe to make it crock pot-friendly. Set it and forget it :) Easy to pack for office lunches, too!chicken_tortilla_soup_DSC0155And since Brita often includes beautiful flowers in her recipe posts, I thought I should as well. :)chicken_tortilla_soup_DSC0153Have a good day!

  • How often do you skip out on a scheduled workout?
  • Fresh flowers: good investment or waste of money?
  • What do you think about on the LAST MILE of a tough run?

6 thoughts on “today’s run + today’s soup

  1. What did you do to make it crock pot friendly? Did you just throw everything in the crock pot and cook for 5-6 hours? Looks so good and I love throwing things in the crock pot!

    • pretty much, yeah! I sauteed the onions and jalepenos first on the stove for better flavor (not necessary, but nice if you have time). Also pureed the cannellinni beans first in the blender before adding. Then I dumped it all in the crockpot with remaining ingredients :)

  2. Unless I’m injured, I don’t skip a workout.
    I always keep fresh flowers in my house. They make me so happy!
    Today’s run was SO cold and windy!!!

  3. You keep 12 bags of those chips in the house at once? I never allow myself more than 2 because there is a good chance I will eat all of them at once. Also they have 2 different size bags and I have decided the large size is too dangerous.