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squid ink pasta + speed sesh.

Oh HEY. It’s Friday, people! Perfect occasion for a furry snow hat.0206150731Anthony joined me for a speed session today: Five-minute warm up, followed by 20 minutes at a 7:00 pace. We didn’t quite make it to 7 (more like 7:10), but we tried our hardest! Or at least I did. Anthony is a cheetah so we’ll never know…1229140648aThen we did a few minutes of light jogging home and declared our workout done. Short and painful! :)

So. I’ve been saving something to share all week….

big bowl o’ pasta.phillips_pasta_maker_squid_ink_DSC0110Look a bit off to you? That’s because we made this pasta with squid ink!! When we were at my parents’ house last weekend, we decided to bust out the pasta maker to give this crazy stuff a try.phillips_pasta_maker_squid_ink_DSC0094
What is squid ink, exactly? It’s simply the ink released by a squid (or cuttlefish, or octopus) when defending itself in the deep blue sea. It’s a dark blue/black color and makes your pasta look kinda freaky. Perfect dish to serve on Halloween.phillips_pasta_maker_squid_ink_DSC0093In awe.phillips_pasta_maker_squid_ink_DSC0097Squid ink pasta is actually common in parts of Italy and Spain. So glad we brought it to the tiny town of Winchester, TN! 😉 You can’t find squid ink in most stores, FYI — my parents ordered theirs on Amazon. It has a sort of salty taste with a hint of “fishiness,” if you know what I mean.phillips_pasta_maker_squid_ink_DSC0111We topped our pasta with shrimp and drizzled it with some olive oil, garlic, and peppers. I actually didn’t do much of the pasta-making — I was in charge of making the salad! I felt like a creamy dressing, so started with this recipe as my base. I subbed in Greek yogurt and olive oil for about 2/3 of the mayonnaise, and it still had a nice flavor and texture._DSC0103Great dinner! Let’s hope this weekend’s culinary adventures are just as delicious :) Have a fab Friday and go put something furry on. Brrr.

  • Most ridiculous accessory you own?
  • Ever tried squid ink pasta?
  • Do you make your own salad dressing or buy pre-made ones?

7 thoughts on “squid ink pasta + speed sesh.

  1. I love squid ink pasta; had it for the first time when I was living abroad in Italy. The only thing I have to remember is to make sure I look in the mirror after I eat it so I don’t spend the rest of the night walking around with black lips and tongue.

  2. That’s an awesome workout! Speed work hurts, but at least it’s over quickly.
    Kudos to you for making your own pasta!!
    I make my own salad dressing for dinner, but use store bought for quick lunch salads.