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carbtastic chronicles #15: yeasted banana sandwich bread

Greetings! The weather is amazing this weekend so this is the first time I’ve opened my computer since Friday. I’m popping in to share a loaf of bread!king_arthur_yeasted_banana_sandwich_bread_DSC0245After I made banana “bread” (aka cake) the other week, I was curious: Can you make actual banana bread that is really bread? Like always, I went to King Arthur Flour for answers.king_arthur_yeasted_banana_sandwich_bread_DSC0251And the answer, obviously, was yes! I discovered this yeasted banana sandwich bread recipe and had to give it a try. My loaf turned out sorta deformed…king_arthur_yeasted_banana_sandwich_bread_DSC0248But it was delicious! Super light and fluffy with a nice crunchy crust.king_arthur_yeasted_banana_sandwich_bread_DSC0253There was only a mild hint of banana in each bite. The sweet slices were perfect pairing with our breakfast favorites, like jam, butter, honey, and peanut butter. king_arthur_yeasted_banana_sandwich_bread_DSC0256Keeper recipe for sure! Have a great rest of your weekend!