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Hey there! How was your weekend? Mine usually starts off with a Saturday long run, but Anthony and I switched things up this week. We heard that CrossFit 615 was offering a free community class on Saturday, so decided to do that instead! I had so much fun last time I visited this studio/box that I wanted to come back.crossfit_615_nashville_DSC0005I had my phone in the back corner of the room on a small ledge, ready to snap some photos during the workout… but unfortunately, someone must have knocked it during the first part of class because there was a giant crack down the middle of the screen and none of the buttons worked anymore. Yikes.lg_g3_cracked_DSC0207A very expensive mistake! Luckily we found a very sketchy phone repair store in Antioch where the guy was willing to fix my phone and give me a discount if I paid in cash. Ha. I also traded in my old iPhone for $80, bringing the total cost of the adventure to under $50! Not as bad as I thought it was to be.

And I mean, we also got to witness this amazing work of iPhone art.0207151448aSo, that was an adventure. And a lesson in phone safety! We ordered a super tough exterior case for my phone as soon as we got home.

Apart from the phone episode, this weekend was full of my favorite things: running and cooking! On Sunday morning, Anthony and I headed out for a big jog.0208150854We started at LP field and did a loop around the city.0208150716This route (this one, minus the Shelby Park portion) is a good one because you get to see so many parts of Nashville; on the other hand, it’s pretty much straight uphill for the first four miles. Ouch.0208150802The nice thing is that it ends along the greenway trail. Love that it was nice and flat, did not love that the only water fountain was turned off.0208150845We started dragging a bit toward mile 11 (probably should have not depended on the fountain, and brought our own hydration instead). And it was getting gloomier outside which wasn’t too inspiring.0208150904BUT we finished! 14 done, thank you very much.0208150927Later in the day we re-fueled with snacks galore. Those two droopy tulips look like they needed some nourishment, too. I gave them fresh water, but then they all died the next day. RIP_DSC0212And drinks. The Bulliet rye smash lives on! This is one of our favorite cocktails :)bulliet_rye_smash_DSC0216Plus a delicious dinner! Which I’ll have to share with you tomorrow because it’s time to go start my week. Hope you have a good one!

  • Favorite cocktail?
  • How do you decide to bring/not bring water/Gatorade on your run?
  • Ever broken your phone? (this was my first time cracking the screen, but I’ve been known to drop my phone into the washing machine and into hot cups of coffee….)

9 thoughts on “running adventures, smartphone adventures

  1. I usually don’t run without water unless I’m running for less than an hour. In D.C. during the winter, all the fountains are turned off, so I have to make sure that I’m bring something with me for anything over 7 miles or so.

  2. Favorite cocktail: Bellini
    I carry water if it’s over 10 miles.
    My (3 month old iphone 6) just died last weekend. The screen went red and it shut down. So scary. Apple recovered my data and gave me a new phone!

  3. I’ve never dropped my phone, but I sat on it one time and it broke. ha. that made me feel good about myself. glad your fix was cheaper than you thought it’d be!

  4. I usually bring water (and fuel) on runs over 10 miles. I’m always tempted to bring water on shorter runs in the summer, but I feel too silly. (Because obviously a person passing me by knows the total miles I’m running!) The worst part of winter is when the drinking fountains are turned off, but there’s no snow to melt in my bottles.