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7 miles topped with meatloaf.

Grey day.0210150709I did see the bright light of the approaching train, though! I don’t think I’ve seen the front of an East Nashville train yet. I thought it would be loud and fast, but it was actually quiet and slow.0210150634And I was slow, too! Ha. I joined a Monday night volleyball league and was sort of dragging this morning after a late-night game.

Worth it, though! I really like my teammates (who are all about 7 feet tall) and it’s sort of fun to do a sport where you have to actually think and do something other than run in a straight line. :)0209152136I did manage to pick up the pace for miles three and four of my seven-mile journey, though: 7:19, 7:09. Race day is less than three weeks away — yikes! This half marathon really snuck up on me. Let’s see if I can magically become super fast in 19 days.0210150655aSo. Remember the delicious dinner I alluded to yesterday? Well, here it is. MEATLOAF! I know meatloaf is sort of a love/hate thing… but I am on the love side.meatloaf_DSC0226It all started when I discovered a Ziploc bag full of ground beef in our freezer. So I skimmed through the beef glossary of Cook’s Illustrated for inspiration. As one does.

And I found an amazing meatloaf recipe! It’s somehow been published by Food Network if you want to check it out. As you can see, I obviously omitted the bacon it called for. I mean, bacon on meatloaf? That’s a whole new level of meatiness that I just can’t take.meatloaf_DSC0222Served with some greens and mashed sweet potatoes. We served it up on Sunday night — perfect meal to wrap up the weekend!meatloaf_DSC0219And now I gotta wrap up this post. Have a lovely Tuesday!

  • Meatloaf: Love it or hate it?
  • Do you live near train tracks? Does the sound wake you up?
  • Play any other sports apart from running?

7 thoughts on “7 miles topped with meatloaf.

  1. I have a classic meatloaf recipe that I use with ground turkey and I love it!! I make a big ole loaf of it and eat it for lunches for a few days. So, I’m a fan

  2. Meatloaf!! That looks so yummy. I lived in 2 houses back to back in Memphis that were right next to train tracks… I always thought they were going to come right through the wall ah! Volleyball league! You are awesome! I’m terrible at that sport (unless it’s on the beach after some margs..then I think I’m great!).

  3. Always hated meatloaf! Even though I’m vegetarian now, I never liked it as a kid when I ate meat and my mother tried to feed it to me. Something about a blob of meat never seemed appealing, which actually might explain my herbivore eating now.

  4. I love meatloaf, but it’s 100x better as a leftover.
    I don’t play any other sports, but if I had to pick one, it sure wouldn’t be volleyball! I’m terrible!

  5. It’s been so long since I’ve had meatloaf, but I had an awesome lentil loaf a few months ago.
    I love that you joined a volleyball league…so fun!

  6. I’m not the biggest fan of meatloaf, but I’m happy to tolerate it as long as it remains ketchup-free. A few dorms at MSU are right next to the train tracks, and people who lived there said it usually took a month to get used to the noise. I was very glad I lived as far away as possible!