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tuna steaks and turtlenecks

I was oh so close to sleeping in today. Especially when I saw it was dark and 26 degrees outside.0211150549But I had the East Nasty crew waiting on me, so I got out there and did it! I ran to meet the group and then did five miles while we chatted away. There was hardly any wind (yay!) and a beautiful sunrise. Worth waking up for. 0211150615aI stuck with my friend Katie for most of the miles and then stopped to take one non-blurry photo before heading home :)0211150649Done and done! BTW my Garmin is still in the Eastern time zone, almost a year after moving from DC. Come on, Garmin! Of all the things, you should know exactly where we are.0211150700 I took a hot shower as soon as I got home. And now I’m drinking tea, wrapped up in a blanket, with the heat set at 80 degrees while I write this. Weather wimp? Nah…

So. What’s on your menu this week? We went wild and cooked up some tuna steaks the other night. Tuna is definitely not a native species of Tennessee, unless you go to the Green Hills Trader Joe’s. Here, tuna is abundantly available in the frozen aisle.grilled_tuna_steak_DSC0205I can’t say this was the best tuna we’ve ever had — but we’re not sure whether it was the fish itself, or the way we cooked it on the grill. Next time I think we’re going to try and sear the steaks for less time on even higher heat, so that you get that nice rare-yet-charred result. There are actually a ton of questions on how to cook TJ’s tuna steaks, so I know we’re not alone in our quest to get them perfectly prepared:)

Sweet potatoes and spinach on the side.grilled_tuna_steak_DSC0201And then steak night turned into game night. Anthony helped fund the Viticulture board game on Kickstarter a while back, and the creator actually reached his funding goal! So we got our board game delivered the other day.viticulture_DSC0244It’s a really complex game, but I think we’re getting the hang of it! Considering starting a Nashville board game club if anyone is interested.

Oh, speaking of clubs — I forgot to talk about lunch run club last week!0206151232a My brother-in-law and I are still going strong and did our usual route. Don’t judge my turtleneck… it’s the warmest, coziest shirt ever — and looks even cooler when paired with my diva sunglasses. It’s the race shirt from Marine Corps and the only turtleneck I own. Everyone’s allowed to have one, right?0206151233Have a great day!

  • Tips for cooking tuna steak?
  • Favorite board game?
  • Turtlenecks: yay or nay?



10 thoughts on “tuna steaks and turtlenecks

  1. How weird about your Garmin! I go back and forth from DC to the midwest and mine always changes.

    The MCM turtlenecks from 2014 were hideous – brown and terrible color combinations – but it is oh-so-warm for those cold runs!

  2. I got a turtleneck for the MCM this year too and I love how warm it is! I do not love, however, the awful brown hue of the shirt. Apparently, it didn’t occur to the designers that brown is an icky color.

  3. Clue is my favorite board game, but my parents hate it so much that they bought it for me on the computer when I was little, because they didn’t want to have to play with me! Risk is fun too, but it’s hard to sucker people in for that long of a time.

  4. I have the MCM shirt from 2013 and I agree, it’s super warm! I save it for runs that are actually REALLY cold because I over heat in it easily. I like the warmth, but don’t like the fit. Should’ve gotten it in a smaller size

  5. I think you just found a new blog title. Reserve tunasteaksandturtlenecks stat!

    I also have that 2013 MCM mock, and also reserve it for the coldest days! I am not much of a turtleneck person but I would actually prefer if that MCM one was a proper turtleneck you could pull up over your neck and chin on windy days. UA makes one like that and I wish I owned one.