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my top 5 blogging tips

Good morning! I do have a run to share — but  was thinking it’d be fun to start off with some blogging talk first! Now that I’ve been blogging for almost three years (yikes!) I feel like I can finally give some tips on how this stuff is done. If you’re not a blogger and not interested in blog talk, feel free to skip down to the photos of wine at the end :)

  1. Be consistent. I think consistency is probably the most important tip I could give. If you don’t regularly post, people won’t regularly visit your blog. The more you blog, the better you’ll become as a blogger, writer, and photographer. And the bigger your audience will get (if you care about that). You don’t have to blog every day — but whatever schedule you choose, just be sure to stick with it so that your readers know when to expect a post.McG5gQ99v97WtJOcxW9iMJFdTKcCQvwFr12IU-oPYZSZYsuLqHOlhal7hClruMtiazzNd9YAH5dgMTme6nmMXMP7xPg=s2048
  2. Blog with passion! When friends tell me that they want to start a blog but are unsure what to blog about, I recommend that they choose a topic that they actually love. Because having a blog means you have to WRITE, and people generally don’t like writing — unless it’s about something they really care about. Whatever your interests are, that’s what you should blog about. (I’m going to post a photo of chocolate cake to represent this tip. Duh.)_DSC0031
  3. Back everything up. After losing a ton of my photos a while back, I invested in an external hard drive to keep all my photos safe and organized. It takes a few extra minutes to tag, save, and re-save them every day — but it’s worth it! Whenever I need a photo I know where to find it, and I don’t have to worry about losing my images again._DSC0049
  4. Connect with other bloggers. Sitting at your computer talking to internet friends can be fun, but sitting with internet friends in real life is a lot better. Connect with other bloggers (Like Karina, Jen, and me — your Nashville fitness blogging team!) for support and inspiration — and work together to help each other out. 0129151934Speaking of blogger get-togethers, is anyone going to FitBloggin this year? I’m considering returning after I had so much fun in 2012!
  5. Get on BlogLovin‘. BlogLovin‘ is by far my favorite way to organize and read blogs that I enjoy; it’s also been the #1 source of visitors for me over the past year or so. It’s such an easy way to get your blog out there and make it easier for people to find! (I’m sure you already know that social media channels are great way to expose your blog, too.)CaptureSo. About that run! Today was hill day. The great thing about East Nashville is that there are hills galore. I could probably run a new hill every day for at least a year. Today I did this little gem eight times straight.0212150640Another great thing about East Nashville: there’s always something unusual to look at. Like this flag-bearing front yard robot…0212150702aOr a giant mustache statue.0212150704aAnd as promised: Here’s the wine! Plus snacks._DSC0248I hadn’t seen my running buddy Rayna in months because she’s been injured. The good news: She’s on the mend! We celebrated her soon-to-be running recovery last night with an at-home happy hour. Hope we can go for a jog again together soon, Rayna!_DSC0250And that’s all I’ve got for today! Hope you have a good one!
  • Bloggers: Top tip for success?
  • Wine: Red or white?
  • Tell me the most random thing about today.

11 thoughts on “my top 5 blogging tips

  1. Love your tips Mary! I do all of them except backing up my pictures :/ I need to do that….any suggestions on backing them up and organizing?

    Also, to your point of connecting with other bloggers one of my Chicago friends I met through blogging (she has a blog too) just found out she is moving to Nashville. I have told her about your blog :)

    • Oh, yay! I’d love to meet her!
      I’ll have to do a post about how I back up my photos. Basically, I tag & save the good originals on my external hard drive; edit & export low-res versions of those originals for my blog; and delete all the bad ones :)

  2. Great tips! Real life blog friends are the BEST :) Yes!! FitBloggin needs to happen.. Looks like so much fun. And red wine all the way! Your wine & snack spread looks incredible.. All my favorite things!

  3. I miss running with Rayna, too!!
    Thanks for sharing your great blog tips.
    Wine: red or champagne
    Random: we got lost on our run this morning and added a gargantuan hill.

  4. Thanks for sharing these great blogging tips! I’ve been dabbling in blogging for several years now, but just on a casual and private basis. I recently took the plunge into “grown up” blogging (buying a domain felt like getting my driver’s license, ha!) to document my outdoorsy adventures, so your post came at the perfect time for me! Thanks!
    PS- Love that mustache statue :)