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carbtastic chronicles #16: truffle oil bread

This week’s loaf was the result of a wacky experiment!truffle_oil_bread_DSC0186Our friends recently gave us a bottle of truffle oil. It was delicious drizzled on pizza — so I thought, why not try it baked in bread?

A little science: Almost any bread recipe calls for some sort of fat — usually butter or oil (vegetable or olive). Since most truffle oils are actually just olive oils with truffle essence, I figured that subbing in truffle oil for olive oil would produce a loaf that turned out just fine. Scientifically, that is. So I used 2 tablespoons of truffle oil + 1 tablespoon of regular olive oil in the recipe. All other ingredients I kept the same.

You can see that it shaped up to look like a normal loaf. It didn’t rise as much as I thought it would, but I think that’s actually due to the brand of flour I used, not the truffle oil. (I’ll save the flour discussion for another post)truffle_oil_bread_DSC0187The real question was, though: Will this bread taste just fine?! Truffle oil is so strong that I was afraid this bread would have a super weird flavor. It definitely smelled very truffle-y while it was baking.

But when we bit into it, it was pretty good! You definitely got a hint of truffles, but nothing overwhelming. Plus some crunch from millet seeds I threw in for fun.truffle_oil_bread_DSC0193We used this bread mostly for eggs and toast. A couple slices went toward sandwiches, too. And then, like always…. it was gone before we knew it. :)truffle_oil_bread_DSC0195Off to run 15 miles with my Valentine! Have a good one.

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