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NoBull Burgers + Weekend Long Run

Hey there! How’s your weekend going? I can’t wait until Monday to share a little bit of mine. So here goes!

On Friday we tried out a special delivery all the way from Charlottesville, Virginia: NoBull Burgers.no_bull_veggie_burger_DSC0274NoBull is made with real food and tastes like a hearty bean burger (not flimsy and artificial like the ones you often find in the frozen aisle). We tried the regular NoBull burger as well as the new “mama mia spicy Italian” pictured above. Both were good!no_bull_veggie_burger__DSC0277

It took about ten minutes to take the burgers out of the freezer and grill them up on our stove. You could probably microwave them if you were really short on time.

Boom. Dinner done! no_bull_veggie_burger__DSC0281We piled our patties high with all our favorite toppings. no_bull_veggie_burger__DSC0280Anthony loves sprouts. They’re worth the splurge if you can find them. Bonus: Can you spot a roasted beet sticking out the side there? Double bonus: Does anyone remember Doug Funny’s band name?no_bull_veggie_burger__DSC0284I wish I could take credit for the gorgeous and fluffy buns, but I didn’t have time to bake bread this week. Thanks to Provence for the help!

I did have time to make a salad, though: Greens, dried cranberries, feta, toasted walnuts. The sweetness paired nicely with the spicy Mama Mia patties!walnut_feta_salad_DSC0272The true test of NoBull burgers came the next day — would they be enough to power me through 14 miles? 😉

Answer: yes. Beautiful weather helped, too!0214150634Anthony and I met up with my friend Katie for a route around the city. We all had things to do on Saturday morning so started nice and early, which means that you 1) get less sleep but 2) get to be one of the few people who sees the gorgeous sunrise. 0214150635The route started uphill, so we kept it slow at first — but then we really picked it up toward the end. I should have worn my sunglasses!0214150720Unlike last week, Anthony and I made sure to bring Gu to keep up going. We felt strong the whole way (except for when we saw a pack of six wild dogs — what?! That was pretty scary)0214150820Done and done! I guess those burgers helped after all. PS, I’m testing out my brother-in-law’s Garmin 620 this week! It is pretty amazing. Technology rules.0214150837aFlash forward through a giant nap etc. and we have LUNCH. This time I tried tossing a NoBull patty atop a salad, like Kath does! It was fantastic.no_bull_veggie_burger_DSC0309Thanks for the healthy, yummy meals this weekend, NoBull! We need you to come to Nashville for more last-minute dinners and long runs :).

See you in the morning!

  • Favorite veggie burger?
  • Did you do a long run this weekend? How early do you usually start?
  • What’s your go-to meal before a long run?

8 thoughts on “NoBull Burgers + Weekend Long Run

  1. Those burgers look amazing! My go-to meal is usually a banana with protein oatmeal. Great job on the run – I was supposed to run a 15k but opted for the 5k instead :) Have a great night and watch out for the snow!!

  2. Ughh 11 miles on the treadmill because it’s -10000 degrees in Chicago. Jealous of your Nashville weather! What are you training for?!