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homemade risotto + nashville’s best BBQ

Hey there! I wish I could share a run with you, but it is icy outside and the skies are full of sleet. My friend Lizzie and I had to cancel our morning run date! Anthony and I are bundled up at home and hoping that it clears up later in the day so that we can get out there.0216150629aHow was the rest of your weekend? After our long run, Anthony cooked up a Valentine’s day special: Risotto!mushroom_risotto_DSC0317We followed a Cook’s Illustrated recipe for mushroom risotto and threw in some Italian sausage, too. Served with a simple salad and more than one glass of wine :)mushroom_risotto_DSC0319Have y’all ever used dried mushrooms? They’re waaay more flavorful than fresh mushrooms (and about triple the price!). Give them a shot if you feel like doing something special :)mushroom_risotto_DSC0322After dinner we concluded our Valentine’s day with a game night at a friend’s house! Good times.

Other weekend highlights included a meetup with some old friends at Edley’s in East Nashville. I think Edley’s is our new favorite BBQ spot — and that’s a pretty big deal considering there are approximately 1,000,000 places to get barbecue in Nashville.Edley's_East_nashville_DSC0349Outing #2: a trip to the international market, where endless shelves of unheard-of ingredients kept us occupied for hours. I was in search of tamarind paste for a sweet and sour chicken recipe I cooked up last night. It turned out terribly — like, so bad we actually couldn’t eat it — but at least I tried. Ha.K&S_World_Market_Nashville0215150906And we tried another new thing this weekend: SHED Fitness0215150848aIt was fun. Full review coming tomorrow. Stay warm!

  • Nashvillians: What are you doing in this winter weather?
  • Anyone have a good sweet and sour chicken recipe?
  • Barbecue: sweet and smoky, or light and vinegar-y?

7 thoughts on “homemade risotto + nashville’s best BBQ

  1. Hey Mary! It was great catching up with you guys yesterday. I’m happy to hear that you liked Edley’s so much! Megan and I love it too.

    Let’s get together and check out some of the breweries around town. Would love to hear your thoughts on those as well.

    Take care and we’ll catch up soon