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snow fall, fresh bread, beet juice

Wipeout!0218150614-001As our tracks show, Anthony and I took approximately three steps this morning before we both fell straight on our butts. Ha! 0218150615-001We thought the latest batch of snow looked soft and run-able — and it was. BUT, there’s a thick sheet of ice about half an inch below it that makes it impossible to maneuver on. Maybe another at-home workout is in order.

The plus side of being cooped up in the house for the past two days: I have had ample time to bake away. Yesterday I tried a cranberry-orange loaf that we’re enjoying for breakfast this morning.orange_cranberry_bread_DSC0018I loosely followed this King Arthur recipe but totally skipped the refrigerate-the-dough-overnight step. This obviously left me with very goopy dough that wasn’t good for braiding, but was (barely) firm enough for baking!orange_cranberry_bread__DSC0019Orange zest, vanilla, and dried cranberries give each slice a sweet tag; walnuts give it some crunch! Next time I’ll try sticking to the actual recipe :)orange_cranberry_bread__DSC0020Luckily I went grocery shopping on Saturday so we haven’t completely run out of food yet. But our produce supply is running pretty low! Yesterday I rummaged up some aging vegetables and fruits from the back of our fridge to make juice. beet_juice_DSC0003This blend has beet stalks/leaves, carrots, ginger, celery, apple, and lemon. Trying to fit in some vitamins when we can!beet_juice_DSC0005Let’s hope the roads clear up enough for a drive to the grocery store today. If not I will just have to bake a loaf of bread for lunch :)

  • Nashvillians: What are you doing in this mess?!
  • Recommendations for at-home workouts?
  • Last time you fell to the ground?

9 thoughts on “snow fall, fresh bread, beet juice

  1. I hate recipes where you have to leave it in the fridge overnight. Chances are my baking happened @ the spur of the moment. Doesn’t no one have time to wait. Haha!

    • we can’t even get to the gym to access the treadmill! hoping that maybe later today that will be possible .

  2. I’m in Knoxville and it’s basically been a ice storm/blizzard since Monday! Any chance you could post some advice for someone training for a half that has literally no (safe) way to run? I’m like you…totally buggin out sitting on the couch all day!

    • I wish I had advice, but I don’t! If the ice isn’t soft enough to get traction in, then you just can’t run on it period. My running coach suggested that if you can’t get to a treadmill/gym then do an at-home workout — and that doing reps up and down a set of stairs is a good way to mimic a hill workout :) stay safe!