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12 miles on the treadmill + the best new vocab word {biscuit love brunch review}

Hey. How was your weekend? 0220151559Ours was gloomy and cold. This is where I usually share lovely photos from an outdoor long run…. but instead, this is what I’ve got.0108150638a_resizedTwelve miles on the treadmill — not the most exciting run, but definitely the safe choice given the icy sidewalks on Saturday. I did a progression run in preparation for my race this weekend: 4 miles @ 8:14; then 4 miles @ 7:30; then 4 miles @ 7:04. Phew!

After some extreme calf-stretching (does the treadmill hurt anyone else’s calves more than running outside?) I took a quick shower and drove through snow and slush for one reason: biscuits._DSC0046JK – there were two reasons! Second was to meet Ashley0221151329We both wanted to try out Biscuit Love, a new brunch spot in the Gulch. Check out their fun little space — love the Nashville sign!_DSC0049And love their food even more. We started out with an order of “bonuts” which stands for biscuit + donut. Best new vocabulary word I’ve learned in a while…_DSC0052I was super hungry after my run and dominated this egg/potato/sausage scramble._DSC0056Also, it’s really nice meeting up with other bloggers because you can go nuts with the camera with no weirdness or shame. And then you can talk about Internet friends for hours, and not have to wonder whether the other person thinks you’re crazy! :)_DSC0051New restaurant, new friend! That was fun.

And I made more new friends on Sunday, when Anthony and I attended our first Common Table dinner!0222151938 Since the Common Table crew had their own photographer, I’ll have to wait to share a full recap with you in the near future!

Now it’s off to work with hopes of sunshine. I am sooooo over winter right now!

  • Anyone else have calf tightness after treadmill runs?
  • Did you do your long run outside or inside this weekend?
  • Nashvillians: Have you tried Biscuit Love or Common Table?

13 thoughts on “12 miles on the treadmill + the best new vocab word {biscuit love brunch review}

    • i thought about doing that too, but wasn’t sure whether the roads would still be too icy over on the east side! glad you got out there!

  1. Ah, man! That place looks DEE-licious! I love me some biscuits.

    I love meeting up with fellow bloggers. It’s so nice to finally meet someone IRL after knowing them online for so long.

  2. Ran outside this weekend; with only three weeks until race day, I hated the idea of skipping a 12-mile run or doing it all inside. And even though I woke up and saw that the feel-like was 2 degrees, I did it. Then didn’t leave the house the rest of the day.

  3. My calves are always much tighter after running on flat surfaces. I haven’t run on a treadmill in years (thankfully) but I think that I do better on hills / variable surfaces. So thankful for mild weather – 11km on trails in the rain on Saturday morning and 20km around the Brisbane river Sunday morning – perfect.