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grey run, colorful dinner

Good morning! After a nine days of indoor running/non-running, I finally had the courage to get back out there.022415065722 degrees and gloomy. I’ll take it! Only a few more runs until race day. After a week of so-so treadmill runs, I’m feeling a little less confident than usual… but I don’t care about the race as much because I get to go to Florida and it will be WARM!0224150703A splash of East Nashville color for you:0224150716I tried to pick up the pace but my legs are tired after back-to-back volleyball games last night! My team finished around 10 pm and I was exhausted. At least we won, though :)0224150730Moving right along… All the bad weather lately has given us plenty of time to stay inside and cook up a storm! We hosted my parents over the weekend and they planned a special meal for Saturday night._DSC0084Squid ink risotto! Topped with seafood. squid_ink_risotto_DSC0093On the side: simple salad and a green onion/olive oil sauce. Love the colors in this dish!squid_ink_risotto_DSC0090So, how was it? We liked squid ink risotto, but I wouldn’t say we looooved it. Everyone agreed that the squid ink pasta was better.

Squid ink everything!! Are you an adventurous eater?  squid_ink_risotto_DSC0096Since we didn’t eat dinner until 10 pm (we were waiting on Anthony, who was coming back late from a work trip due to delayed flights), I had enough time to whip up a loaf of bread to go with our meal.king_arthur_italian_bread_101_DSC0078When it’s Italian night, I always turn to King Arthur’s Italian 101 bread. It’s so, so easy — but so, so good!king_arthur_italian_bread_101_DSC0073The evening ended with a round or two of Viticulture! This game is getting intense.viticulture_DSC0066Cheers!

  • Squid ink: yay or nay?
  • Worst race weather you’ve ever had?
  • Bread crusts: soft or crusty?

10 thoughts on “grey run, colorful dinner

  1. I like how you say “whipped up” when something so artistic would take me forever! I didn’t know you played volleyball! I took 2 semesters of it in college and then audited the class a thousand times so I could just play. #Adult Reccess

  2. Crusty bread! Coming from RI, where we have Italian bakeries everywhere, I miss the crusty, fresh Italian bread from the local places. Still trying to find a good place in D.C. to satisfy my Italian bread love.

    • yes, if you like detailed/in-depth games! we usually do pretty simple party games but have started liking this one for its complexity. also cool that it’s a result of a kickstarter campaign

  3. The meal looks amazing! Love wine with the game, too. My husband looooves some serious board games, but I don’t have the patience for many. He bribes me with alcohol. :-)

  4. I don’t know how I feel about the squid ink, but that bread looks amazing! I think the worst race weather I had was when it rained the whole time during my first marathon. I had some horrifying blisters by the end.