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six miles & a sandwich.

Good morning, Nashville!0225150645I kicked off the day with an East Nasty outing. Four miles with the group and a couple solo. Gorgeous sunrise today!0225150619cI think this is my favorite church in East Nashville. Love the old stained glass windows — reminds me of the church Anthony and I got married in :)0225150641After a week of treadmill/ice running, today I finally felt sort of back to normal. Look at all the stats the Garmin 620 has! I don’t know what any of this means but I’m going to read up on heart rate training later today to figure out if my numbers were good or bad :)

Also, what is TE? I just found the urban dictionary definition which definitely has nothing to do with running stats.0225150655And that’s that! One or two more easy runs, and then I race on Sunday. Should be fun.

So. What are you having for dinner this week?hummus_veggie_sandwich_DSC0030Since I have volleyball on Monday and we host our church group on Tuesday, cooking during the start of the week isn’t happening lately (unless I can think ahead and prep dinner on Sunday).

Luckily Anthony and I love sandwiches. And even when you pile them as high as we do, it still only takes a few minutes to put them together. This veggie-packed creation had hummus, cheese, avocado, tomato, pepper, roasted pepper, and cucumber. Piled between two pieces of mismatched bread :) Dinner, done!hummus_veggie_sandwich_DSC0032On the side: asparagus. Satueed with garlic and olive oil and then sprinkled with a bit of parmesan cheese. Because cheese makes any food in the world taste 10x better.hummus_veggie_sandwich_DSC0031Alright people, I’m off to get this day started! It’s supposed to snow this afternoon — yikes!

  • Anyone else tired of winter?
  • Easiest weeknight dinner?
  • Do you use a heart rate monitor?

5 thoughts on “six miles & a sandwich.

  1. So avoid the cold! Happy that March is officially here on Sunday, because it makes it easier to be in the mindset of spring. Hopefully we don’t have a March like we had last year with a lot of snow.

  2. Gorgeous sunrise pic!!!
    I have no idea what TE is. Let me know what you find out.
    I can’t believe we’re supposed to get more snow tonight.
    My easy weeknight dinner is a taco salad.
    I rarely wear my heart rate monitor.

  3. TE (training effect) is Garmin’s new feature that is displayed when you are measuring your heartrate. It is based on the HR information you enter on your Garmin Connect account. Depending on what HR zones you are in for how long or your run, it tells you the training effect of your run. 1.0 is Minor, 2.0 is Maintaining, 3.0 is Improving, 4.0 Highly Improving, 5.0 Overreaching. I find these are relatively accurate between easy runs and challenging runs, but when it comes to hard speed workouts, it often says I’m overreaching, even though I feel great during the workouts and am following pace guidelines based on recent race results. And of course, you have to have your min/max HR accurately entered on the Garmin Connect page for it to be applicable at all. Kind of interesting to look at, but I don’t follow it religiously.

    • oh cool! interesting. since this is my brother-in-law’s watch, it’s got his pace history & settings. so probably not accurate for me — but a very cool watch! :)